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The Twins And Their Moronic Uncle.

August 2, 2005 by Galvin Tan in Junk with 0 Comments

A eight month old pregnant lady met an accident and was admitted to hospital in a coma.

She woke up 2 months later and found herself lying in a strange room. In shock, she shouted for help. A nurse came rushing in through the door to comfort the confused lady.

Nurse :
Don’t worry ma’am, you’re in a hospital and you’re in good hands.

Lady : Where am I? My GOD, where’s my baby?? Where’s my baby??!??

Nurse : Don’t worry…don’t worry…everything is fine. Your babies are sleeping now and you a safe here now.

Lady : *gasping* what? My babies?

Nurse : Yes ma’am, your babies. You have a pair of twins! You were still in coma when you were due. The doctor had to perform a cesarean section to deliver the babies safely. You’re now a mother of a boy and a girl.

Lady : Oh my god…twins? boy? girl??! Where are my babies now??!

Nurse : Now calm down ma’am. Yes, a boy and a girl. They’re in the maternity room and they’re sound asleep. You’ll get to see them soon.

Nurse : Oh, and your cousin helped to named them too.

Lady : Ohhh…..WHAT?? My cousin?!

Nurse : Yes, you do have a cousin, don’t you?

Lady : Yes I do but he’s a moron!! How could you let him named my babies!??! What’s the name of my beloved babies?

Nurse : I’m sorry ma’am we didn’t know your cousin was a moron. Baby girl…the niece …

Lady : (cutting in) … ohh…Denise is a nice name. What’s my boy’s name?

Nurse : The nephew!!!

This is when the lady past out again for 2 more days.

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