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Massage from hell

August 29, 2006 by Galvin Tan in Daily Rants with 20 Comments

I just came back from Penang and got this massive stiff neck the next morning. So I decided to take Richard’s advise and go for a body massage in Endah Parade, Sri Petaling. We went over lunch time to the massage parlour to make a reservation for 6PM.

I left office with another colleague at around 5.50PM. We were late since we had something to finish off first before we can go off from office. When we reached, we were like 20 minutes late and they took in another customer. So I waited while my colleague went for her foot massage.

10 minutes later, it was my turn to go into the small tiny room. Richard told me earlier that they will provide towels and shorts but I end up stripping down to my underpants with a towel over it. Then it began!

I enjoy getting a good massages and I’ve been for foot reflexology quite a number of times already but this time its totally different. First time I ever stripped almost buttnaked and getting a good rub on the back! The masseur was a chinese lady from China. She’s good…I mean real good! Ok…there’s strictly no hanky-panky as I’m there for a good back rub….NOTHING ELSE!

She started with my back and instantly she knows what’s wrong with me and which part of my body is aching. Being a banana, I only know speak very simple mandarin and communication with her is not really that easy but somehow I managed to convey my message across and she knows where to put on her magic. The masseur said that I’m suffering from bad case of ‘wind’ on my back and I’m always feeling sick and tired all the time. That is soo sooooo true! Hmm..maybe its because I’m not getting any sleep :p

She worked her magic down to my waist and it was really…really painful! I was in quite a pain at first and its only normal because she had to really knead and rub real hard to get rid of the ‘winds’ from my back. It was an hour long ordeal by a relieving one too. I paid a good RM50 for that and it’s all worth it to me. I felt so relieved after that I went back with big patch of bruises on my back.

Painful? Yeah but it’s quite a relief.

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