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September 12, 2006 by Galvin Tan in Junk with 20 Comments

KYThis is KY. KY is my friend from quite some time ago and now he’s in my chow ah beng clan. LOTK KY and Terry here are teammates who pwned my ass in foosball a few years back. They remain undefeated so far. Being a Penangite, KY knows how to enjoy food, so KY blogs alot about food on his blogsite, KYspeaks.com Kyspeaks. Driven by his passion for food, KY is currently one of NST’s Monsterblog resident blogger. Given the honour of such magnitude, KY is inspired to go further and across the nation in search for more good food to blog about.

Most of his stories always left readers and viewers drooling all over it. He’s currently gaining not only fame and popularity, he’s also gaining a little bit more love handles!

As you can see, in search on good food, KY indulged in almost every food he came across.

Our secret spy managed to capture some photos from KY’s resident. ky_01.jpgHere’s a photo taken not long ago outside KY’s house while he’s minding his own business. As you can see, he’s still looking fit and all. But further spying reveals that KY is hiding something from us! Agent SexySotong‘s high-tech spycam managed to capture this photo when KY was at the comfort of his living hidden from the public!


Being a popular food blogger is not all fame and glory, it has a high price to pay too!

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