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More Photography, Less Camwhoring…PLEASE!

October 31, 2006 by Galvin Tan in Daily Rants with 4 Comments

In today’s world, owning a digital camera is just like owning a handphone. That’s because the price of digital cameras are so affordable that any Tom, Dick and Harry can be a photojournalist wannabe.

I appreciate great works of art and I’m into photography lately. I’m indeed overjoyed that there’s plenty of other out there that shares the same passion as I am. People says that picture speaks a thousand words and I agree with it. Photography is a form of art. I personally take photography to appreciate forms and lights. I’m sure many others out there are like me as well.

As much as I enjoy photography, there’s a dark side to it and recently many people are caught up in it. Yes… CAM WHORING! If you’re shooting a model, that’s fine. If you’re shooting yourself as the model… please keep it to yourself. Don’t you guys/girls get it? We don’t want to see 50 self-portraits of you in a single photo gallery.


  1. Whenever you’re free, you’ll shoot photo of yourself with your camera phone.
  2. You’ll grab anyone just to have an excuse to take photos with, but you focus the cam more to yourself.
  3. Whenever you’re infront of your computer, you’ll capture your own photo with the webcam.
  4. You’ll take 20-30 tries with the webcam before you can be satisfied with one nice photo of yourself. You’ll still keep the rest of the not-so-nice photos.
  5. You own a DSLR and yet you still manage to capture yourself with your DSLR. WOW!
  6. You find a need to get a tripod for your DSLR. So that you can set up your own self-portrait photo shoot.
  7. You’ll get your whole group of friends to be involved in your own photo shoot.
  8. Check your computer/CDs/phone now, if 80% photos in there are of yourself…

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