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Lunch with Kim Joo-Sung

I had the opportunity to meet one of Asia’s finest football player in KLCC and he’s just simply down to earth. The jovial Kim..

December 20, 2006 with 4 Comments

All The Price Hikes but Our Salary still “Go Take A Hike”

Our beloved Works Minister S Samy Vellu had just announced that effective from 1st Jan 2007, toll price will get a 20-60% hike! I..

December 15, 2006 with 2 Comments

It’s The Red and Green Day!

Yes, its Christmas day and I’m all excited about it! During this festive season, it’s only right to share every joy and..

December 11, 2006 with 6 Comments

The Day I Got Brokebacked

Ok, I didn’t … but my car did and it took it quite hard. Ok ok… I may have exegerated abit but my car finally got raped..

December 9, 2006 with 10 Comments

Another AdSense Paycheck

Yes, my next paycheck from Google is here and this time is less than a year. I looked up on Internet Marketing some time ago and I managed..

December 8, 2006 with 15 Comments

Tune In : Evanescence – Call Me When You’re Sober

It wasn’t a good start for me in December and I’m in a melancholy mood now. But there’s one song that keeps playing in my..

December 7, 2006 with 4 Comments

Stop Praising! It’s Not OK To Lose!

It is yet another humiliating defeat when our U-23 team was thrashed by Oman during the opening match of Group E in DOHA games on..

December 1, 2006 with 8 Comments
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