Positive Increment?

Was a lazy morning and I’m still feeling really sleepy. When I step in to the office this morning, lying on the table is the Star newspaper and the headline goes something like this “Salary increase for government servants from July 1

SUPER SIENNESS! Some do deserve it but do some others deserve it too? I’m not gonna bitch about it, I’m totally dumbfounded.

Here’s my comment to some of Pak Lah’s announcement (as quoted on The Star Online) :

“Salaries to increase between 7.5% for senior management and 35% for category two support staff;”
It’s about time they flip the priority. It was the other way round for quite sometime already.

“100% increase in cost of living allowance (Cola);”
Free Coca-Cola for life? Less Mat Rempits and More Pro Drifters?

“Police and army personnel to get additional 20% on the increase; and”
Haven’t they been getting that everytime near festive seasons especially after a toll?

“Pensions will be adjusted accordingly.”
Adjusted accordingly is still too vague!

Wonder when I’m gonna get a salary increment. Siennesss. MALAYSIA BOLEH!

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