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Makan Hokkien Mee at Restoran Mey Yen, Paramount Garden PJ

May 2, 2007 by Galvin Tan in Food with 8 Comments

As promised, here’s my next food review on Hokkien Mee as mentioned on my last posting. The name of the place is Restoran Mey Yen in Paramount Garden, PJ.

Mey Yen

For those who are familiar with PJ Paramount area, this restaurant is not really hard to find. It’s the only chinese restaurant that’s located in the alley of two rolls of shoplots along Caltex petrol station.

Restoran Mey Yen boasts of their famous ‘Hokkien Char‘ of Hokkien Mee and they did live up to that for quite some time. Whenever we’re in PJ and crave for some Hokkien Mee, we will end up in Restoran Mey Yen for some quick bite. They are pretty fast sometimes and food is usually served no longer than 10 minutes.

Last night, after watching a 7 o’clock movie in Subang, we decided to go for some Hokkien Mee. There are 6 of us, 2 of us are ladies and the rest are well known ‘big eaters’. So as usual, we ordered quite many dishes.

Mey Yen Hokkien Mee

The first dish is no other than their famous Hokkien Mee. Now Restoran Mey Yen is definitely another place I would go for Hokkien Mee anytime because they cook it just the way it should be, thick and sticky! The sauce is really thick and sticky and the taste is just nice. They used to fry their noodles on charcoal fire but too bad they had to turn to modern gas stove for speed and convenience. I don’t know why but anything that’s cooked with charcoal fire taste better. There are 6 of us, so the big plate of Hokkien Mee didn’t get cold after it was served. Yummy!

Mey Yen Yin Yong

The second dish that came was the Yin Yong and it was pretty good too. It’s not easy to dish out a good plate of cantonese fry but the cook did yet another good job. The sauce is really tasty and rather sticky too. Just the right amount of corn starch and egg mixture. The best part of Restoran Mey Yen is everything is cooked fresh; even the noodles. Unlike some other place, the bee hoon are not pre-cooked. So you don’t get that disgusting overnight cooking oil taste in your bee hoon.

Ok, men do eat their veges too; we are not all meat eaters. They next dish was Kangkong Belacan. I guess it really common to have Kangkong Belacan with noodles every now and then, right?

Mey Yen Loh Mee

The dish that came together with the vege was the Loh Mee. I have to admit, they do serve rather good Loh Mee there. Just the Yin Yong, they Loh Mee too had the right amount of corn starch and egg mixture but cooked in a different style. Loh Mee has got more starchy sauce than the Yin Yong. Oh ya, it goes well with a little bit of black vinegar.

Mey Yen Lala

I don’t know why but it’s quite common that most Hokkien Mee restaurants to serve fried lala. This is not my first time to Restoran Mey Yen and definitely not my first time trying their fried lala. I used to love their fried lala a lot but not this time. Perhaps I’ve tried better ones like the one in Restoran Aik Yuen but that is not the reason why I don’t like it so much this time. I think it’s because that the lalas are not fresh this time. Unlike others, they cooked the lalas with lots of garlics and gingers. Even that, it didn’t help to cover that strong lala smell. Too bad.

Mey Yen Pork Stew Mee Hoon

By the time the serve the last dish, we’re quite stuffed. The last dish that came was another good dish. Fried Bee Hoon with canned Khow Yuk (stewed pork). Now this dish is delicious if you love khow yuk. The mee hoon gets to absorb the khow yuk sauce and it makes the dish ever more tastier. The dish is just nice, not too saucy and the khow yuk is excellent! Fatty and tasty! Hehe.

Well, we had a good meal but was quite dissappointed with the fried lala. Though the Loh Mee was good but we didn’t finish it too as well.

Mey Yen

Even though we are big eaters, enough is enough and we do have good taste for food too. The fried lala just didn’t quite make it so I’m not really keen about having that dish again.

Restoran Mey Yen
Jalan 20/7, Paramount Garden,
Petaling Jaya

Map to Restoran Mey Yen

Hunger Rating : My Hunger : 4 Satisfaction Rating : My Hunger : 3

Hunger Rating is to tell how hungry I am at the moment of time and Satisfaction Rating is the overall rating for the food and presentation.

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Aiya, typo error coz thinking of that 'Y' in Yen. LOL. Nevermind, already posted.


Aiya, typo error coz thinking of that 'Y' in Yen. LOL. Nevermind, already posted.


Amy, this called Klang language... kanneh!


Amy, this called Klang language... kanneh!


The board stated there "Mei Yen". How come you wanna type it as "Mey Yen"?


The board stated there "Mei Yen". How come you wanna type it as "Mey Yen"?

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