Stress Management

Been a stressful week.

Heaps of work to be done and nothing gets done.

Tons of work needs approval and none gets approved.

The heat is on and I need to learn how to manage it.

Everyone is going nuts, you can tell from this white board we use to post our whereabouts…

What The Fuck?

I need a break so I decided to go out for lunch, which I hardly do lately because there’s too much things to be done. Went out with 2 of my lovely lady colleagues.

Both of them drives. One is a really good driver and the other is a noob!

Guess who’s the noob!!!!

Car Park Noob
When will she learn how to park?!?!?!?!?

Kubica Survives Horrific F1 Crash

BMW Sauber F1 driver, Robert Kubica survived the most horrific accident for 2007 season of F1 at the Canadian GP. Thanks to standard car safety cell, Kubica was only knocked unconcious from the horrifying direct impact to the concrete wall.

Kubica’s F1.07 was making a turn into the hairpin when he slipped off the track and was airborne for moment before hitting the side concrete wall at 280km/h. The F1.07 then tumbled and rolled across the other side of the track with the unconcious Kubica still intact in the driver seat.

Robert escaped without any injuries allowing the BMW Sauber F1 team to celebrate Nick Heidfeld, crossing the finishing line second.

Damn accident reminds me of how Ayrton Senna lost his life in a William-Renault at Imola.

Congrats to you Nick! Get well soon, Robert!

Growing up is a bliss. Growing old is a bitch.

Today marks the day when I officially join the 30 something crowd. I’ve been telling most of my younger friends, “Don’t rush to become 21. Once you reach that 21 mark, it’s all fast forward from there onwards.” Trust me; take an old man’s advice.

Passing the 30 mark is a blessing. Growing up is a bliss, growing old is what’s bothering me. I’m happy to be where I am and to have what I have now. I’m a very simple guy who asks nothing but happiness and happiness is what I get. I’m blessed to have a lovely GF and a great bunch of friends. Although sometimes I can’t be much of a better friend for them but I’m glad that they are there for me. And to achieve the things that I’ve never thought I could, I’m indeed very glad and thankful that everyday passes by without much sorrow.

I look forward for more exciting years waiting for me ahead. Happy birthday old man, you’ve another year older :)

To be continued….

Part 2:

Obviously I slept late this morning. Luckily I made it to office before 9 am. Not a bad start of the day for an old man.

I just had my hair coloured last week. Some copper brown colour which doesn’t look too extreme. No, this is NOT an attempt to blend in with the younger crowd, but merely an attempt to cover my goddamn grey hairs! Looks good so far. It’s a bitch having to cover the colour of my hair to disguise my age. What’s really a bitch is the fact that I’m also growing grey nostril hairs as well! %*^*^)(^%&

Malaysia is celebrating her 50th anniversary of independence. Galvin is celebrating his 31st anniversary of being spanked by a nurse at birth :P

Here’s looking back into my…

childhood days:

after birth:

  1. Spent 4 years in my life staying in Petaling Jaya. I can only recall that the current MBPJ building was actually the wet market long long time ago.

in my teens :

  1. We moved to Klang. I remember we used to play a lot of bottle caps and ice-cream sticks during primary school days… oh oh…and ‘tan jioa’.
  2. My early education was all along the same street, Jalan Meru. From Peter Pan Kindergarten to SRK(1) Jalan Meru then to Klang High School.
  3. Picked up Tae Kwon-Do during primary school and then joint the 6th Klang Sea Scouts when I was in high school.
  4. Was a school team member for volleyball in primary school; got second placing. Was a school team member for volleyball too during high school; district champions!
  5. Hanging out at McDonald’s every Saturday after skipping POL classes to play badminton.
  6. My first bike was a BMX. Mom bought it for me for being the 2nd top student in my class during primary school.
  7. Took over a racing bike from my cousin. Was cycling it for awhile until I had an accident. Not major but I bruised my whole left thigh.
  8. After that, got a spanking new Mountain bike which I spent quite a little in it to pimp it up. Got stolen at school after a year :(
  9. Followed my 3rd brother’s footstep and became a school prefect. That’s my first time in life wearing a blazer with my school badge bearing the motto “Probitas Et Fides” – stands for Loyalty and Integrity.
  10. Having my first crush – puberty kicks in!
  11. Driving my dad’s car around way before taking my official driving lessons and exam.
  12. Was not the smartest kid in school – scored 2As and all Bs in SRP – scored 2As again and the rest of them Cs in SPM – my most consistent scoring subject; English and Arts
  13. Left high school to pursue my studies in KL. Wanted to become an architect but ended up signing up for a graphic design course in LIMKOKWING.
  14. Decided to be creative and left my hair long – wanted to pierce my ears but didn’t have the guts to do so, so growing long hair was the next best thing.
  15. Nirvana, Metallica and Green Day are GODs.
  16. Apple was the King.

in my 20s:

  1. Got my first job in Taman Tun as a designer.
  2. Got my first REAL job with DRB-HICOM Group as a designer too. Learned my first HTML coding from there on a PowerMac 9200!
  3. Became an avid IRC chatter in UnderNET and DALnet and got to know many lame friends; most of them are still my very good but lames friends now :) Love you guys!
  4. Got my first car – Porsche Saga
  5. Boom Boom Room and Arena was da bomb! Boom Boom Room every Saturday night and Arena almost every other night
  6. Had my first car accident – was on the way to Arena in Sunway Lagoon. Wrecked the taxi!
  7. Picked up foosball for the first time in Arena. Playing on a LOWEN table.
  8. Got my first credit card – got my first debt :P
  9. Learned to play 3 ‘legged’ mahjong. Bad bad bad
  10. Changed jobs a couple of time – some good and some really shitty.
  11. Gained lotsa weights. Lost 35 kgs in a month after that. The best time of my life… health wise :P
  12. Down on my luck – VSS twice and had 2 bad freelance projects.
  13. Picked up foosball again and played in competitively. Haven’t won a major title yet but my best been a 3rd placing at Nationals PRO-AM.

in my 30s:

  1. I’m dating the woman I loved most and I still love her more and more everyday. Julea got me a very nice Braun Buffel wallet which I loved it alot! Thank you my love :)

Braun Buffel Wallet

Wow, time passes by real fast. It’s like taking a rollercoaster down a steep slope. Scary but I had a lot of fun. Best thing about growing up is knowing that you can’t get any younger. So there’s no need to sulk and feel bad. Just lay back and enjoy the rest of the ride :)

That’s pretty much about my life so far. Best part of life has yet to come. Looking forward to write the next chapter of my life :)


Birthday Cake

Houston, We’ve Got A Hair Problem!

Julea was down in town and she went on a shopping spree the whole weekend. We did our usual stuff, shopping, watching movies and eating. It was a fun-filled weekend except the fact that I also found out that I have got a hair problem. Well, more like scalp problem; oily scalp.

This think started out 7 years ago when I used to have long hair. Then I decided to get a smart look when I started my job in a corporate company. That’s when it all begins. I started to lose hair quite a lot. Didn’t know it was related to work stress, I kept on pursuing for the ideal product to help my fast receding hairlines. I quit my job and started working as a freelancer. It was a more relaxing environment working on my own. So my hair problem stopped… for awhile until last year.

I noticed that I’m losing hair on both sides of my forehead and it’s getting worst everyday. It’s catching the McDonald’s craze but I called it the Money Face look because of the letter ‘M’ that’s beginning to take shape on my face.

Money Face

So I decided to seek for help. 101 Hair Centre was having a promotional booth in front of Watson in One Utama. They were having some free scalp scanning and consultation. I went for it and found out the most gruesome sight on my head. I have oily scalp and it’s the reason to my receding hairlines.

Oily Scalp
An example of how oily scalp looks like.

The oil on my scalp is sealing up my hair follicle like a layer of thick industrial grease. This prevents new baby hair to grow, hence my receding hairlines! I need to do something soon before I lose my whole top!

Getting old sucks!

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