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Houston, We’ve Got A Hair Problem!

June 4, 2007 by Galvin Tan in Daily Rants with 0 Comments

Julea was down in town and she went on a shopping spree the whole weekend. We did our usual stuff, shopping, watching movies and eating. It was a fun-filled weekend except the fact that I also found out that I have got a hair problem. Well, more like scalp problem; oily scalp.

This think started out 7 years ago when I used to have long hair. Then I decided to get a smart look when I started my job in a corporate company. That’s when it all begins. I started to lose hair quite a lot. Didn’t know it was related to work stress, I kept on pursuing for the ideal product to help my fast receding hairlines. I quit my job and started working as a freelancer. It was a more relaxing environment working on my own. So my hair problem stopped… for awhile until last year.

I noticed that I’m losing hair on both sides of my forehead and it’s getting worst everyday. It’s catching the McDonald’s craze but I called it the Money Face look because of the letter ‘M’ that’s beginning to take shape on my face.

Money Face

So I decided to seek for help. 101 Hair Centre was having a promotional booth in front of Watson in One Utama. They were having some free scalp scanning and consultation. I went for it and found out the most gruesome sight on my head. I have oily scalp and it’s the reason to my receding hairlines.

Oily Scalp
An example of how oily scalp looks like.

The oil on my scalp is sealing up my hair follicle like a layer of thick industrial grease. This prevents new baby hair to grow, hence my receding hairlines! I need to do something soon before I lose my whole top!

Getting old sucks!

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