Fight The Fats : Episode 3 – Here we go again

October 3, 2007 by Galvin Tan in Health with 8 Comments

Ok, FTF E2 was a complete failure. Not that I haven’t lost any weight, I had gain more after that. Bummer! I had a few successful story on weight management many years ago. Since after I got to know Julea, things just got out of hand… or rather get into position… around the waist! Oh no, it’s not her fault at all that I’ve gone fatter. It’s because when I’m with her, I felt contented and nothing else matter… until now.

Lately, I’ve been having some knee problem. I love to play basketball and occasionally some futsa matches with my colleaguesl. Problem is, my knees are killing me. It’s giving me a hard time climbing the stairs and getting out of the car.

Being overweight is a bitch, so I decided to go back on my diet program and this time, it will stay, hopefully.

I’ve got the most important event coming up next year and I want to be in the fittest condition I possibly can. Losing weight and going on a diet is the toughest thing in the worldfor a man. It’s probably tougher than you having to go through STRONGEST MAN IN THE WORLD contest. Or perhaps tougher than qualifying yourself for AF5, 6, 7, 8 and etc. You need the determination and the discipline. Above all that, you need the courage. I’m not saying this just to make me feel better of myself. I’m saying this because I want to help others as well. I was a lazy fat boy once. But now I’m determined to lose those unwanted flabs and gain a new and healthy life.

Every time I mention about going on a diet, friends will laugh. Well, laugh as much as you want. Let’s see who gets the last laugh at the end. To those macho man wannabes out there, stop telling me what to do. You go to the gym, pumping those irons and working out those flabs is your way. Hate to tell you this, working out is really great, I know, but only after you lose the fats. Yeah yeah, I know, you can turn those fats to muscles but hellooo… knock knock, reality check, those muscles can turn back into fats anytime! So STFU and let me do it my own way.

To my brothers and sisters who are going on a diet right now, don’t give up! Stick to it and you can do it too.

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