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Learn To Speak Hokkien

Learn To Speak Hokkien

I swear a lot, I admit. Swearing is good, it’s another way of anger management. I chose to swear than to pick a fight. Of course,..

May 29, 2008 with 9 Comments

Marié Digby commented on my blog

YouTube sensation, Marié Digby recently commented in her video blog on her showcase in Malaysia. For those who were there, you should know..

May 28, 2008 with 6 Comments

HeartySamsengBurger: The Legend Lives On

The great HeartySamsengBurger (HSB) alliance has come to and end. As of 27th May 2008, HSB is now officially disbanded! Sigh, just about a..

May 28, 2008 with 0 Comments

Important Lesson for WordPress Bloggers

Now here’s an important tip for all WordPress Bloggers out there. Be aware that WordPress comes with Akismet plugin preloaded...

May 27, 2008 with 6 Comments

I hate Honda Civics

… or rather, I despise people who drives one! Ok, maybe not all of them but I would say MOST of them. I don’t fucking care..

May 26, 2008 with 25 Comments

Glory Man United Sing-a-long

Man United is the champions of Europe! After beating Chelsea in the finals of UEFA Champions League in Moscow, Man United is now crowned as..

May 22, 2008 with 6 Comments

When The World Shook Up

We were chilling out over at Hannah’s place chit-chatting about the devastating state of Chengdu and discussing on how to react if such..

May 19, 2008 with 0 Comments

Stupid for You, Marié Digby

Marié Digby was in 1 Utama last night and she was a blast. Julea and myself went over to 1 Utama just to catch a glimpse and hopefully to..

May 15, 2008 with 20 Comments

Glory Glory Man United!

YES! YES! YES! MANCHESTER UNITED FC is 2007/08 BARCLAY’S PREMIER LEAGUE CHAMPIONS! I couldn’t get to watch the match but I was..

May 12, 2008 with 4 Comments

Egotism vs Rudeness

“Haiya, lelaki semua nih ego-lah! Ingatkan mereka semua terror sangat.” Men has been generalised to be the egoistic species..

May 5, 2008 with 2 Comments
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