When The World Shook Up

We were chilling out over at Hannah’s place chit-chatting about the devastating state of Chengdu and discussing on how to react if such incident were to happen to us when out of a suddenly we felt the whole building swaying. That happened around 10.30pm Malaysian time. We couldn’t tell what it was but we sort of suspected that it’s yet another earthquake.

Was browsing through CNN but nothing was on then. However, after a few phone calls, some friends confirmed they felt it too over at Damansara area.

Around 11pm, we got to know from Astro Awani channel that a 6.1 richter scale quake just hit somewhere in Sumatera. We really really hope that there’s no casualties. What happened in China is bad enough and we really do not hope to see more sufferings.

May GOD Bless the victims of Chengdu earthquake.

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