Marié Digby commented on my blog

YouTube sensation, Marié Digby recently commented in her video blog on her showcase in Malaysia. For those who were there, you should know what she’s talking about.

During her showcase at One Utama two weeks ago, the turnout was so great that everything went rather chaotic after the show. You can read more about it here in my previous post. After listening to her video blog, I realised that the comment on my blog was probably by Marié herself.

Now how did she find my blog? I did a quick check on Google and my blog came up on the 5th page for the search result on ‘Marie Digby One Utama‘. So could that be her, randomly looking around into fans’ blog?

HeartySamsengBurger: The Legend Lives On

The great HeartySamsengBurger (HSB) alliance has come to and end. As of 27th May 2008, HSB is now officially disbanded!

Sigh, just about a year ago, I started playing Fighters’ Club (FC) in Facebook. 10 months after, we’ve got it all and it’s time to give it a rest.

HSB came, saw and conquered FC. We have gone through many good times and perhaps a couple of bad times but we have proven ourselves to be the strongest alliance in FC.

The 3 gang leaders of HSB have decided to call it a day and to make way for new gangs and alliances.

BHW, RAMLY and VR SAMSENG will no longer be in an alliance but we will remain as friends.

HSB will remain as one of the most feared and successful alliance in FC. Ok ok, we’re not that scary… but we are definitely the strongest!

To all my fellow comrades from BHW, RAMLY and VRS. It’s been an honour. Much respect to all of you from the HEARTYSAMSENGBURGER ALLIANCE!

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