Learn To Speak Hokkien

I swear a lot, I admit.

Swearing is good, it’s another way of anger management. I chose to swear than to pick a fight. Of course, some may say that this is such a cowardly act, but I beg to differ.

You see, swearing increases my vocabulary, especially when I swear in different dialect. Since my school days, I often hang around with a lot of machas. Until today, I still have a lot of Indian friends at my work place. Eventually, I picked up quite a number of words from them. Well, let’s not share what I’ve learned from them. Instead, I would like teach them some Hokkien words in return.

Let’s begin with Lesson #1:

Ok great lesson there! Now if you’re familiar with all the words in Lesson 1, let’s proceed to Lesson #2

Lesson #2:

I hope these simple lessons will benefit my fellow friends who taught me so many wonderful words. Let’s keep spreading the joy :)

Cheers and happy learning!! ;)

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