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Toastmasters vs Yumsengmasters

August 12, 2008 by Galvin Tan in Daily Rants with 2 Comments

One down and four more to go. I can’t wait for the coming weekend. Monday was quite a breeze and it was rather an eventful day for us in office.

President realised that most of us do not acquire the the proper skills to give good public speeches. so he invited a few Toastmasters over to give us a little glimpse of what Toastmaster is all about and how it can benefit us and the confederation.

I’m very much aware what Toastmasters are all about. I’ve been wanting to join Toastmasters for quite some time, but as usual, procrastination kicks in and soon everything was forgotten.

The Toastmasters gave a very brief yet detailed presentation to us. They even explained to all of us that there are actually many different types of Toastmasters clubs formed in Malaysia and around the world. Besides the english speaking clubs, they have mandarin speaking clubs too.

This kinda gave me a silly idea :)

Now why should I join them when I can form my very own club. An all hokkien speaking Toastmasters club! I’ll even called it the Yumsengmasters Club! Yeah, that’s what I’ll probably do, LOL.

I suspect the founder of Toastmasters club International knows very little of the Malaysian Chinese community and how good are they in public speaking. Especially during a typical Chinese wedding dinner, after a few rounds down the hall and a couple of drinks, everyone in the hall can be a very good public speaker!

Heck, we can even sing very well too!

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