Earth Hour: This is just the beginning…

Earth Hour 2009 is here and gone. It’s not really that hard after all.

An hour just went passed by and I didn’t even realised it until my alarm rang. 4 minutes past Earth Hour and I’m still watching Voltron on my iPhone.

The cool breeze eventually fills the room as I sat down on the living room couch. The darkness became easier to see as my eyes adjusted to it’s surrounding.

Mossies? No problem as I have Shieldtox to help be get rid of all those pesky mossies :P

I took a walk out side just to check out the neighbourhood. Sadly, it was not an encouraging sight as most houses around my area have their lights switched on, except the house right opposite of mine…sigh. Perhaps next year, more people will learn about Earth Hour and the importance of it.

Earth Hour is not just about switching off your lights and other electrical appliances for an hour, it’s about gathering the world into doing one single task, saving the earth!

Remember, 9.30pm is not the end of Earth Hour, it’s only the beginning! TOGETHER, we really can change the world…BELIEVE IT!

Regardless of what we do today for earth, we must not continue to ruin mother earth after that. From today onwards, we must change our lifestyle. Consume less energy and burn less fuels.

My living room in the dark

A simple preparation work need to be done before Earth Hour. I got some candles and a box of mosquito coil to help get through that one hour.

A friend of mine asked, “So what about the fridge and the freezer?” Well, honestly I did think about it for a moment. But then I realised that 60 mins won’t exactly spoil everything in the fridge or the freezer. It’s just an excuse for not going into total darkness.

I also know that some people just switch off their lights but stay in the dark with the fans and TV on. Goodness, that’t just trying to cheat yourself. If you sincerely wish to support Earth Hour, do it whole heartedly.

The easiest way to do it is to turn off the main switch! Easy as that!

Well I’m glad I did it. Sitting in the dark without any power is quite an experience. Bring back some good old kampung memories. :)

I did it! I managed to convince the management to support EARTH HOUR!

Boy, I’m so happy today. Just got a reply from the Gen Sec’s office, my proposal to the management to support Earth Hour has been approved. AFC now pledge to ‘switch off’ all lights and non-essential electrical appliances in the AFC House on the 28th March 2009 from 8.30 pm – 9.30 pm.

My initiative have been acknowledged and it’s even on AFC’s website!  Wooo hoooo!

Click to Enlarge

This is a small contribution to help spread the awareness of world conservation. I honestly hope that others will do the same too… which I’m very sure they are. Just go check out Earth Hour Malaysia website ( ). Check out who are the supporters and you’ll know how important this movement is to Malaysians.


Earth Hour 2009: Funny Samseng TVC

In the spirit to support Earth Hour 2009, I shall be posting more stuff related to world conservation. Found this Earth Hour commercial on YouTube and it’s really funny.

Election is here again. This time I’m voting for a better cause… EARTH!

Never really done anything great in my life. I’ve always been an average Joe. But from now onwards, I’m gonna do something to change my life… our lives. I’m gonna VOTE for change! I’m gonna VOTE FOR EARTH!

I vote for EARTH and I hope that you do so too! VOTE FOR EARTH! Join us for a better cause in life!


A delectable weekend

It was a long and tiring weekend. Plenty of good food and eating.

Julea’s parents are down and they finally get to meet my parents. I’ve arranged them to meet up for breakfast instead at Tai Thong SS17, Subang. It was all good, and expensive :P

Kevin bro was on a trip to China, Michelle came into assistance. It was quite a pleasant breakfast considering both sides just met for the first time.

Oh yah, all the food during the makan-spree weekend and I’m on a strict diet!

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