“I just farted”

I love shopping in Jusco,  especially over at the grocery section. The buzzing crowd and the smell of freshly baked cakes and buns never fail to put a smile on my face.  What happened last night in Jusco deserves an entry in my blog.

As we’re heading towards the car park, the girls decided to grab some cereals. There’s no long queue, every counter was quite a breeze actually. While waiting for them to get their change, I was  rudely put off by a foul smell coming from this lady standing beside me. For a moment, I felt that she was rather rude to pass wind in a crowded place but when I saw her baby quietly sleeping in the pram, I knew then that the stench could be coming from the pram. I smiled :)

Not sure if the lady is aware of the situation,  I wanted to inform her. But before I could step in, I heard a giggle from Julea and she happily whispered into my ear, “Sorry love, I just farted. Hehe”

I walked away, tearing as was trying to hold back my laughter!

I was about to accuse a nice lady and her baby of being ill-mannered when it was my beloved Julea who can’t hold her flatulence!

And this is why I love her so much… all her little imperfections that made her so perfect… for me.

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