10 Reasons To Get A HTC Desire (Part 5)

Finding the perfect smartphone for myself is impossible, that’s because the best smartphone in the market may not be what I want. Yes, it’s up to preferences and I have my own preference. However, my experience with the HTC Desire is such an amazing joryney, there’s no reason why one should not get the HTC Desire. Here’s 10 reasons why the HTC Desire is so desirable.

1.) Processor
The 1GHz Snapdragon processor is considerably one of the fastest processor in the market now. It definitely lives up to its potential, making every action fast and judder-free; every transition smooth.

2.) Sense User-Interface (UI)
The HTC Sense user interface adds extra gloss to Android, with more home screens, widgets and simplified navigation.

3) Android
Android is proving itself to be a big player in the smartphone industry. The very stable and flamboyant UI definitely make the Desire more desirable. Open-source OS means there are plenty more space for improvement.

4) Web Wizard
Browsing the web is speedy and the mix of Flash and 3.7-inch screen means websites render well.

5) Camera
The five-megapixel camera is the best yet from HTC, capturing reasonably sharp images. It throws in a decent LED flash too.

6) Video
The Desire features excellent video capture at 800×480 pixels and a superb screen to view it on. Video playback is smooth as silk.

7) Social networking
Facebook is integrated with HTC Sense, meaning you can sync your Facebook buddies with their phone book entries, giving a very easy way to check their status updates.

8.) Messaging
Push email over Exchange as well as Gmail and other webmail accounts is supported. You’ll never be out of touch again.

9.) Pricing
Currently, the Desire is better equipped and cheaper than the iPhone 3GS.

10.) AMOLED screen
What’s not to love about the Deisre’s AMOLED screen? The OLED serves up vivid colours, helps make the Desire a little slimmer and may save battery. It suffers a tad outdoors, though.

However, HTC can really work on the speakers and especially the battery life. For me, a full charge in the morning can only last me till late afternoon. It’s a good thing that the HTC Desire comes with a USB data cable that I can use to charge in the car. Luckily for me, I have a car player that comes with USB support, so there’s a port for me to plug in my HTC Desire in the car for a quick charge.

Other than that, I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t get the HTC Desire.

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Review : Apps, Widgets & Multimedia On HTC Desire (Part 4)

The Android Market may still lag behind the iPhone App Store in terms of variety and quality, but there is something to be said for the Android operating system’s extremely tight integration with existing Google products, and the wide choice of devices and carriers. With the fast growing size of Android Market, you’ll simply be occupied for quite a while.

Apps are fun and they can be very useful too. Some Apps you just can’t live without and some are just genuinely annoying, just like the Vuvuzela App. Now I won’t be telling what Apps to get but however, I will tell you how to make full use of these Apps.

I’m a Social Media addict and I check-in almost everywhere I go. I use Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare a lot. Facebook App for Android is not exactly the fun App to you but it keeps me and my friends updated of whatever we’re doing. I can event keep myself updated with events and new photos posted. However, just like any other mobile device App, you can’t exactly play Farmville with it. Peep is the default Twitter App for HTC Desire and it is integrated with HTC Sense. It enables Twitter status of those I follow constantly streaming on one single screen. I too have downloaded the official Twitter App for Android but I don’t really like that either. Perhaps it’s just me but for some reason, I can’t do Reply All in the Twitter App.

The Widgets on HTC Desire are amazing. Widget such as FriendStream allows updates from multiple social network sites such as Twitter and Facebook. It’s like a melting pot for all social network sites. The Weather widget is just stunningly good looking. The vibrant colours of the 3.7 inch AMOLED screen make the animated weather widget so mesmerizing. You can just stare at it the whole. Another widget that I like a lot is the RSS news feed. You choose a selection of news sites that you want from the settings and voila, you get all the headlines now appearing on one of the Home Screen.

HTC Desire comes with a 5 megapixel auto-focus snapper and it does take quite reasonably good photos. When I said reasonably, I meant average despite having higher resolution than the Apple iPhone 3Gs. Even with auto-focus, photos taken are almost sharp but I need to have a real steady hand. The built-in single LED flash does help a bit during low light condition but still not good enough to produce a quality image. Well at least if you can’t see the photo clearly, at least you can tell where it was taken with the geotagging feature.

These are the photos taken with the HTC Desire.

Switch it to video mode and I get an instant video cam in hand. With 480 x 800 WVGA display, the HTC Desire captures quite good quality videos in 3GPP file format.

Check out this video demo recorded with the HTC Desire.

HTC may a little work on the sound department especially with the loud speaker at the back of the phone. Playing music aloud through the loud speaker is really at a sorry state. The piercing sound from the tiny speakers does not make Justin Bieber sound any younger. The handset speaker too needs a little more attention. Having to press the handset tightly against my ear to during phone conversation is not exactly a fun thing to do.

However, tuning in to music on the HTC Desire is really a pleasant surprise. The HTC Desire comes with a gorgeous looking music player and it sound even better with a headset on. The headset also acts as an antenna so I can tune in to your favourite local radio stations when I’m on the move.

The large and vibrant 3.7 inch AMOLED screen is just perfect for gaming. Gaming experience on the HTC Desire is definitely out of the world especially when I have a device with the fastest processor in the market, 1 Ghz Snapdragon processor! There’s plenty of games you can download from the Android Market; from some classic arcade favourites to some mind-boggling quizzes. The best part about gaming on HTC Desire, is that most of the games are for free!

The HTC Desire is definitely one of the fastest smartphone available in the market now and so far I have no complains about the speed. However, there’s definitely some are where HTC can work on improvement. Perhaps an image stabilizer or a better speaker for a start.

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Review : Internet Connectivity & Social Networking On HTC Desire (Part 3)

Setting up the internet connection on the HTC Desire is pretty simple. Upon booting up my brand new HTC Desire, I went through a couple of set up screens before I can proceed to the Home Screen.

I’m currently a subscriber to Maxis unlimited data package plan so I have 3G connectivity available 24/7; at the same time, I have Wi-Fi connection at home. Having such luxury allows me to be connected with my friends and family at all times.

Switching between 3G and Wi-Fi on your HTC Desire is just a tap on the screen. It’s advisable to turn off one connection when you have another on because they’ll drain up your battery pretty fast.

Android 2.1 comes with a default browser which is pretty nifty to me. I like very much as loading websites on either 3G or Wi-Fi network is simply fast. I guess I have the 1 GHz Snapdragon processor to thank for too. Browsing on HTC Desire is such an experience too. It comes with Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate so you can view your websites vertically and horizontally for larger view.  Simply pinching and stretching the screen, you can zoom in and out of any webpages. Simply by double tapping on any article and it will zoom in and the text will auto-wrap itself to fit the viewing screen.

Gmail works wonder with HTC Desire, besides getting your email pushed to your HTC Desire, you get notifications from Google Calendar, also pushed to your phone.

HTC Desire is specially designed for me… for YOU even. Why? Because the whole phone is about how we want it to be. With HTC Sense, everything about the phone is all about you. HTC Desire integrates other Social Networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr all within a single screen. There’s no need flip through different screens for different contents. I get all my contents appearing on a single screen, easily access with just a tap on the Home Screen.

I also like checking in to places wherever I go. Foursquare is the latest buzz on the social networking scene and it’s great to able to share my favourite holiday destinations, food places or even hangout place with my friends. Equipped with a built-in GPS with A-GPS support, I can also easily find my way to other places of interest shared by my friends on Foursquare. Google Map is definitely a jewel for HTC Desire. With the 3.7 inch large AMOLED screen, it’s so much easier to find my way around on Google Map. Everything is larger and easier to see.

Sometimes, I work on shift and I like to be at places whenever I’m not in office. Most Starbucks and some coffee places now offer free Wi-Fi at the premises, but there are just those very odd moments when you’re stranded at some place without a single signal of Wi-Fi. Good thing now is, I can still go online on my netbook with my HTC Desire via 3G HSDPA called Internet Tethering.

Using Internet Tethering or Internet Sharing for HTC Desire is very simple; however, setting up your android phone will definitely need slightly more know-how to go around it. I won’t be giving you steps on how to setup Internet Sharing but I suggest anyone who wants to do so can do a search on Google. I’m using PDAnet for Internet Sharing and it’s been working fine for me. If you’re on a limited data package plan, I suggest you better not try to use Internet Sharing unless necessary. Exceeding your data package plan may cost you having to pay for the excessive kilobytes.

Ultimately, HTC Desire makes me a mobile mogul. I can be anywhere at anytime and yet still I’m connected to my friends from UK or even in Singapore. Friends can now join me at my favourite lunch spot whenever I checked in. I can also check my emails and upload my photos from the side of the road on the highway and I can even tweet about the jam I’m stuck in.

Like it so far? I know I do.

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