My Mind is the Scene of the Crime

Just watched the trailer of Leonardo DiCaprio’s new movie called ‘Inception’. Directed by Christopher Nolan, the movie is about invading people’s mind and stealing people’s dream.


So tell me, what’s your deepest darkest secret? Will it be so secretive that the only time it flashes back, it would be in your dreams.

Everyone has got their skeleton in the closet including myself and most of them are kept safely in my mind…  in my dreams. Our dreams are invaluable, hence we must protect it by all means.

A dream is what your mind perceive of what you want, or most likely whatever you won’t get to do in reality. Most of my dreams are good ones but there are some I’m not particularly proud of. *grin*

I am an abductor, a thief and a molester. When I was much younger, I’ve abducted Sharon Stone, stole her private belongings and did erotic thing with her. *BIG grin*

It all happened in my dreams. So there are no real victims, no real witnesses and no real scene of crime. My mind is the scene of the crime and definitely I do not want anyone to invade it.

However, If my dreams can be easily retrieved or downloaded, I’m very sure I’ll be convicted for my hideous subconscious crimes.

Then again, with movies like Basic Instinct, we are all criminals in our minds ;)

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