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June 5, 2010 by Galvin Tan in Daily Rants, Events with 2 Comments

The King or Agong’s birthday is officially celebrated as a national holiday on the first Saturday of June. This year, it falls on 5 June which a very special day for me too, because it’s my birthday! I get to be King for a day!

My birthday celebration came early this year when I got the news that I’m one of the selected reviewers for the Maxis 10 Reviewers Programme. 10 lucky people will get the chance to meet and touch on a spanking brand new HTC Desire before anyone else in Malaysia.

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The 9 others are Ruhani Rabin, Jason Goh a.k.a. smashpOp, Jack Lee, Ben Jern, Marvin Lee, Soo Wei Siong, Aman Firdaus, Mimi and Rebecca Saw.

Thanks to Zareen and April Yim for the good news, I now get to enjoy the awesome HTC Desire.

I got a surprise birthday celebration too at Proway last nite. They bought a cake for me and sang happy birthday song too. I was very touched at the same time I felt really old. That’s the prize you have to pay for hanging out with younger crowds. *haha.

Thanks again Cyrus for the lovely cake, I love it very much but I think Aaron Chew loves it more, he finished the whole damn cake! And to my dear sis-in-law Amy, thanks for being there for me… and for cleaning up the house. *smiles

Wifey gave me a present too although I didn’t want her to get me anything. But nevertheless, I’m still very happy for her
thoughtfulness and the Silver Shadow Altitude EDT by Davidoff. Love it!

The day is still young and plenty more birthday wishes and phone calls are flooding in. Thank you everyone, for making my day so special.

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