Alternate Manchester United Devil’s Jersey For Malaysian Fans

Manchester United fans in Malaysia cry foul over the ban of their favourite team’s jersey because of the ‘devil’ emblem on the team crest (Source).

Thu Jul 22, 3:26 am ET

KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) – Manchester United’s fans in Malaysia erupted in astonishment and anger on social media Thursday after clerics warned Muslims against wearing the team’s famous jersey with its “devil” emblem.

Manchester United and the rest of the English Premier League are hugely popular in Muslim-majority Malaysia, where conservative religious leaders said the jersey was un-Islamic and should be banned.

Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook were flooded with comments from fans in the Southeast Asian nation.

“Maybe the religious leaders are just fans of Liverpool?” quipped one supporter on Twitter.

So, Muslim Man Utd fans are not allowed to wear their favourite team jersey anymore in Malaysia.

However, there’s a solution. Introducing the Devil-free Manchester United 2010/2011 Home Kit with an alternate team crest, altered just for the sake of Malaysian market.

This jersey is definitely suitable for Malaysian market as the team crest no longer have the emblem of Devil.

And here’s the alternate club logo for Manchester United for Malaysian market. Hopefully Malaysian Muslim fans can continue to support this great club. Glory Glory Man United!

Disclaimer: This article is posted for personal humor only. This blog and it’s owner DO NOT have any intention to infringe any trademarks nor to incite any racial and religious issue.

Logo For FourSquare #KLSpecial

The FourSquare KL team is working real hard to push the #KLSpecial campaign and I wish to contribute. Since they are looking for a proper logo to represent their campaign, why not I come up with some samples real quick.

Design One:

I’m working on a few more design, so #4sqKL team, watch this space.

Social Media 101 – Don’t Be An Internet Troll

Just less than 36 hours ago, the CEO of Friendster and MOL (the company that recently went into partnership with Facebook to bring Facebook credits to Asia) made it into TheNextWeb for being an Internet Troll.

OffGamers is a company that sells online game credits, similar to what MOL is doing, but on a smaller scale. OffGamers has a Fan Page and did what many do in advertising one of its products. Things get a little crazy when the first comment post on the Wall Post came from Mr. Ganesh Kumar Bangah, group CEO of MOL. Mr. Ganesh  posted, “buy from MOL better…”.

What follows after that was a warfare of words from OffGamers’s patrons and MOL’s “loyalists”. Some of which I suspect are fake Facebook users. I knew something was fishy when the first person that came in defense of Mr. Ganesh is a dolly-eyed lady by the name of Min Ng. I suspected her to be a fake Facebook profile because of her comments. In her first few comments, she sounded like some white bimbo.

As the comment box heated up, somehow from out of no where, she begin to sound like she came out from Harvard.

I’ve also did a Tineye search on her initial profile picture (she changed her pic after that) and the result shows that the same picture also appears on another website from China (

I too made a few comments on the wall insisting that Min Ng could be a fake user regardless who is behind the profile and I’m definitely not suggesting that it could be Mr. Ganesh himself or anyone from MOL. Well, it could be anyone! :)

20 minutes later, I’ve got a message and a friend request on my Facebook from Min Ng. I added her and took a quick look into her profiles.

This is a screenshot I took of her profile page. Can you tell if she’s a real person or just another fake?

Looks like a brand new account to me with 61 friends. 20 friends added within 24 hours. Hmmm… I wonder.

I love a good business rivalry but resorting to troll your competitor is definitely a no no, even if you have cute round eyes.


Here’s more screenshots of Min Ng’s Facebook profile before and after she/he changes her/his profile pic.



Review : 10 Things I Like About Samsung Galaxy S

After spending 2 weeks with the new Samsung Galaxy S, I’ve compile a list of 10 things I like about the Samsung Galaxy S.

1) Design
The sleek and slim design is really appealing together with the gloss metallic finishing, it makes the phone really classy.

2) Android OS
I’m beginning to see the potential of Android OS. Although the Android Market is still way far behind Apple’s AppStore, I strongly believe it will catch up very very soon.

3) Huge Display
Nobody can deny the clear superiority of 4.0 inch Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen. The vibrant colour and touchscreen experience is mind-blowing. Display can be clearly seen even under the bright sun.

4) High Definition
Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S records and play 720p HD videos.

5) 5 Megapixel Camera
A 5 Megapixel is good enough for now. Together with auto-focus and lots of modes to play with, taking photo with the Samsung Galaxy S is so much fun.

6) Google-Powered
The Samsung Galaxy S is Super-charged with Google’s power apps. Gmail, Google Map, Google Calendar and other social media apps are automatically linked up.

7) Internal Storage
The fact that the Samsung Galaxy S comes with 8GB/16GB internal storage, it makes life easier.

8) Gaming Experience
Gaming experience on the Samsung Galaxy S is pretty good. I will not compare the games they have on an iPhone but the Samsung Galaxy S can handle some pretty resource intensive games like Quake 2.

Swype is just cool. Swype is awesome! Swype text input makes messaging experience fun on the Samsung Galaxy S.

10) Light Weight
Weighing at 118 grams, the Samsung Galaxy S is definitely the lightest phone I’ve ever own so far. I’m totally impressed with the size of the phone and yet still weigh as light.

However, I do have a couple of things which I do not fancy about the Samsung Galaxy S:

1) Grip
The huge size and the glossy finishing isn’t exactly a good combination, especially for people with sweaty palms. It can get pretty slippery at times especially taking pictures or videos.

2) Battery
Just like the other smartphones I’ve tried, the battery life for Samsung Galaxy S do not impressed me at all. I still need to bring along my charger at all times.

Ah Loong rounds up the Samsung Galaxy S review for Maxis 10

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Review : Samsung Galaxy S vs HTC Desire

In  this post, I going to do a side-by-side comparison between between the HTC Desire and the Samsung Galaxy S.

The Samsung Galaxy S is pretty new in the market and do not have as much coverage as the HTC Desire, but the Samsung Galaxy S is quickly picking up popularity after it’s launching. On the other hand, the HTC Desire has been getting a lot of attention for being the protege of the Google Nexus 1.

So let’s put them in the ring and get into action as we do a face-off between these 2 smartphones.

Round 1 – Design
Right, the first round is always about the appearance. As the Samsung Galaxy S gets the best of Korean detailing and technology and design, the HTC Desire from the Taiwanese manufacturer is not doing pretty bad either.

Both phones are of candy-bar slimline design with the HTC Desire having much more similarity in weight and size to the ever popular Apple iPhone 3G. The Desire has got matte finishing with 3.7 inch AMOLED screen.

The Samsung Galaxy S has got a huge 4.0 inch Super AMOLED and it weighs much lighter than the HTC Desire. It has got a metallic gloss finishing and feel very “plastiky”.

Although I prefer the design for the Samsung Galaxy S more but somehow I just don’t feel very save with it as it’s too light and can be quite slippery if you do not have a good grip. The Galaxy S is slightly too big for even a guy’s palm like mine. I guess a good rubber casing is a must for the Galaxy S if you don’t want your phone slipping off your grip.

As for the HTC Desire. I like the rounded corners, and the overall industrial design feels a bit more “solid” than the Galaxy S, although it’s a close run thing.

Round 2 – Performance
Both phones run Android. Both have lightning-fast processors (the Galaxy S a Hummingbird/Power VR, the Desire a Snapdragon/Adreno). Both loaded with Raging Thunder 2, a 3D racing game. I know Quake 2 would be a much better bench marking game and I’m sure many others have done this comparison using Quake 2. I just wanna try a much different approach.

Both supports the game pretty well but after prolong usage, the HTC Desire begins to lag and game play becomes jerky.

Round 3 – Interface and Usability
As both phones are running on Android, the interface and usability is almost the same. The HTC Desire has got physical buttons for Home, Menu, Back and Search. It’s a much straight forward than the Galaxy S which only comes with 3 touch-sensitive buttons which are Home, Menu and Back.

I truly love the animated Homescreen for the HTC Desire especially the weather widget. When it’s a rainy day, theres some raindrops on the Homescreen and a wiper sweeping across the screen. The Samsung Galaxy S spots a more familiar look with it’s iPhone-like Homescreen look.

Both comes with 7 customizable Homescreens with Live Wallpaper which is pretty cool pretty cool designs. The HTC Desire’s main Homescreen starts from the middle with 3 more Homescreens on the left and on the righ. The main Homescreens for Samsung Galaxy S starts from the far left with subsequent Homescreens scrolling in from the right.

Although the HTC Desire has got a much prettier Interface, for some reason, I still prefer the Samsung’s interface.

Round 4 – Camera
For this round, we have an obvious winner. The Samsung Galaxy S still wins hands down. Although both comes with 5 megapixel camera an multimedia playback capability, the Samsung Galaxy S is by far more superior than the HTC Desire. The 4.0 inch Super AMOLED screen of the Samsung Galaxy S is enough to be a clear winner.

The HTC Desire only records video in 800 x 480 WVGA quality. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy S records video in 720p HD quality! Besides that, the Samsung Galaxy S also features TV Out via it’s 3.5mm head jack which allows you to display presentation and watch HD videos on a bigger screen.

The Samsung Galaxy S also features a front VGA camera for video call and for self-photography. The only downside to the Samsung Galaxy S is that it doesn’t have a built-in flash.

Round 5 – Storage
The Samsung Galaxy S comes with built-in memory of 8GB/16GB. The memory is extendable via MicroSD up to 32GB. The built-in memory can is essential for the Samsung Galaxy S with it’s HD video playback capability. A 720p HD video file can easily take up 3GB or memory and can take up memory space pretty easily.

The HTC Desire depends on extended microSD memory for that extra storage space. It only supports up to 16GB though. The HTC Desire comes with a 2GB microSD in-the-box.

Without having to say much, we can clearly see who is the winner in this round.

Round 6 – Battery
Both phones boast up to 6 hour of talktime with 3G enabled. I’m a social media addict and I use social network apps quite heavily. Both phones were installed with the same social network apps with almost the same frequency of usage.

The apps and functions that I usually used are FourSquare, Twitter, Facebook, SMS, Camera and Email.

A full charge in the morning before leaving to office, both phone only last me until late evening. It’s advisable to bring along a spare USB data/charge cable to office or else you’ll be out by nightfall.

Both phone shows great potential and superiority but there could only be one winner. Although I like the HTC Desire as much, I still prefer the Samsung’s huge display and HD video playback prowess.

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Video Call With Minishorts

I had a fun time doing a video call demo with Claire Khoo (Minishorts) just the other night with our Samsung Galaxy S. Yes, both of us are reviewing the Samsung Galaxy S and we both need to do a vlog. So here’s my version of our video call.

And here’s Claire’s vlog over here.

I must say, video calls can be fun. I really had fun video chatting with Claire Khoo and another friend of mine with my Samsung Galaxy S.

Review : Camera On Samsung Galaxy S – Excellent HD Video Recording

Everything is going HD now and HD will be the future for all smartphones with video recording feature.

Video Recording
The Samsung Galaxy S records excellent video in 720p HD (1280 x 720).

Brother John Birger – recorded in HD with the Samsung Galaxy S

I can actually see a vast difference of quality from the videos I took with my compact camera and with the Samsung Galaxy S in HD. Playback the HD videos through the Galaxy’s TV Out feature is superbly crisp and sharp too.

Sharing HD Video on YouTube
The Samsung Galaxy S is still a social media ready phone. It allows you to share your media with your friends through a number of channel and YouTube is one of them.

Sharing videos on YouTube via the Samsung Galaxy S is very simple. However, it’s advisable not to upload video via your 3G network. It’ll take forever. A short HD video of less than 2 minutes takes less than 25 minutes to upload via my home Wifi connection.

See the 2 part video demos below to get an idea how easy to share videos on YouTube with the Samsung Galaxy S.

Here’s the uploaded HD Video via the Samsung Galaxy S.

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Review : Camera On Samsung Galaxy S – 5 Megapixel Snapper

The Samsung Galaxy S comes with a VGA camera on the front of the phone and a 5 Megapixel camera with 720p HD video recording on the back. Samsung however did a big mistake by not including a flash on the camera, which is a big setback for a smartphone like the Galaxy S. The camera quality is pretty good with a good variant of shooting modes.

There are 10 different shooting modes – Single shot, Self shot (for camwhores :p), Beauty, Smile shot, Continuous, Panorama, Vintage, Action shot, Add me and Cartoon.

There are also 11 different scene modes – Portrait, Landscape, Night, Sports, Party/Indoor, Beach/Snow, Sunset, Dawn, Fall coulour, Firework and Text.

The Galaxy S also comes with 3 different focus modes – Auto focus, Macro and Face Detection which can be quick useful.

The 5 Megapixel camera allows me to shoot in eight different resolutions with the biggest dimension of 2560 x 1920 and the lowest dimension of 640 x 480.

Taking panoramic photos can be fun too especially when you want everything to fit into your photo. Using the Samsung Galaxy’s Panorama Mode, you can easily capture such photos. It’s possible but you really need to have a steady hand to take nice smooth panoramic photos.

For what’s worth, the Galaxy S snaps pretty decent photos with plenty of modes to play around with. However, you will really need to have a good grip on the phone as the slim plastic body of Samsung Galaxy S makes photo snapping pretty tricky.

Here’s some random photos I snapped over the weekends.

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Review : SWYPE On Samsung Galaxy S – Sweeping You Off Your Feet

What Is Swype?
Swype is an alternative keyboard that lets me run my finger all over the keyboard in one continuous movement, rather than pecking out individual letters. Then it uses some super duper smart calculation to figure out which word I was trying to spell.

The word “quick” was generated from tracing the path shown above in a fraction of a second, by roughly aiming to pass through the letters of the word. A key advantage to Swype is that there is no need to be very accurate, enabling very rapid text entry.

Using Swype on the Samsung Galaxy S is just awesome – it’s fast and amazingly accurate. Occasionally, I ran into some localised words; which I’ll need to ‘teach’ Swype to recognise it. Teaching Swype to recognise new words is pretty simple too.

It’ll definitely take me some practise to achieve over 40 words per minute but as for now, I’m doing pretty well sliding my finger across the screen rather that tapping all over it.

I find it easier to input text with my dexterous finger rather than my thumb, perhaps it’s because our thumbs are much shorter and we can’t make it across the keyboard if were to hold the phone with one hand. Then again, the Samsung Galaxy S is a bulk to grab on to.

I like Swype on my Samsung Galaxy S although Swyping may not be for everyone — some people may still prefer the conventional way of tapping on the screen because it’s more like a physical keyboard.

I’ve shown some of my friends how I use Swype on my Samsung Galaxy S and most are them are impressed… or rather amazed. So, the future for Swype is bright and expect to see more people swyping across their touchscreen phones in near future.

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Manchester United Launch New Home Kit 2010/2011 – Two Days Earlier

For months, fans have been searching for apparent leaked photos of the new home kit for season 2010/2011 on my blog.

Well, search no more, the leaked photos turned out to be genuine and the official Manchester United new Home Kit for season 2010/2011 is now available for purchase online via

Manchester United’s marketing machine dropped a clanger by allowing the reserve team to wear the new kit two days ahead of its scheduled release.

The official home kit is available in men, women and kid sizes.

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