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My Water Moments

July 4, 2010 by Galvin Tan in Special with 0 Comments

My wife will probably be laughing again at me after reading this post but I really don’t care anymore. Seriously, I love the sea… but I hate octopus though; even the small little ones.

I’m afraid of them and the last time we went snorkeling in Sabah, someone in the water said aloud that there’s some baby octopus further out the shore. My wife tried to drag me out but I just refuse to budge. I was never a good swimmer but I took up swimming lessons which only allows me to swim from one end of the pool to the other. I can snorkel though but not after taking a few drastic gulp of sea water before I really learn how to do it probably.

Guess I never really had any fond water moments, perhaps a few moments by the pool with my family long time ago.

I have the biggest fear about taking photos near the pool or by the sea. Thanks to an incident that happened more than 2 decades ago. I was young then and my family went on a trip to Mimaland. It was a fun day out and I was having so much fun in the pool. When I’m not in the water, I will go around taking pictures with our brand new Minolta compact camera. Then I had this unpleasant experience near the pool.

I’ve been trying to forget this moment but somehow I just can’t put it aside…especially the conversation with my mom before it happen.

Mom: Looongg… where you going???

Me: Maa… I’m going to take some pictures there!

Mom: Where?

Me: There la, by the slides…

Mom: Don’t go there! It’s dangerous and you’re holding a brand new camera.

I was walking towards the slide pool when I turn around to reply my mom…

Me: Don’t worry maa… I just go there for awhile and I’ll be ca…. *KA- PLOOOOSH!*

I missed my footing and I felt into the children’ pool… together with the brand new Minolta camera. My older brother rushed to my aid but it was too late, I was soaking wet and so was the camera. :(

Mom: See see see! (raising her voice) I told you not to go there and see what you have done!

Me: *crying* (I stood up in the pool but dare not move a muscle… the camera is still in my hand… soaked with chlorine water)

Right, that wasn’t much of a great water moment isn’t it? NOPE!

20 years later, I’m still having this fear of bringing any camera near water. My last island hopping trip in Sabah, I had my camera wrap with double layers of plastic bags. I only take it out when we’re on the beach; even so, I was very careful with it.

My wife loves the sea too but sadly, we couldn’t get to take any under water pictures with the digital compact camera that I had then. I could only take snap shots from above the water. Wasn’t that great but that’s the only solution then. Even though a water-proofing casing is available for my camera, it was way too expensive to invest in one. The casing itself cost almost the same as the price of the camera.

Thank goodness time has changed. More and more camera brands are coming out with more sophisticated digital compact cameras. One such brand is SONY.

I’m particularly impressed with the new SONY CyberShot TX5. The sleek 10.2 megapixel snapper is not just water-proof; it’s also shock, dust and temperature proof!

So what does that mean?

It means that I can go snorkeling with the CyberShot TX5. without having to worry about the camera going bonkers!

I can even bring the camera to the Sahara and snap photos in a desert storm and the camera will still be functioning after that.

I can even take photos of Emperor penguins in the Antarctica and not worried about the camera freezing up and seized to function. Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating but the TX5 can actually withstand temperature to as low as -10ºC.

Another thing that I gotta love about the TX5 is the Carl Zeiss® Vario-Tessar lens. The Carl Zeiss® lens is the cream of the crop, the best of the best lens you can get for a camera. It offers superior colour reproduction with minimal image distortion.

The CyberShot TX5 is a beauty that also comes with brains the size of a BIONZ processor and “Exmor R” CMOS Sensor. The “Exmor R” CMOS Sensor is twice as sensitive as conventional CMOS sensors thanks to back-illuminated technology that places metal wiring beneath the photo diode instead of above it. Since light is used more efficiently, I can enjoy smoother movement in action sequences and higher image quality in dark conditions such as night scenes.

Two more things that I really like about the CyberShot TX5 are the Handheld Twilight and Intelligent Sweep Panorama.

I can capture images in low light condition and still get sharp and detailed images… even without a tripod. I can also take panoramic photos thanks to SONY’s intelligent Sweet Panorama function.

Ultimately, the best thing about the CyberShot TX5 is the pricing. Retailing at RM1,499.00, the TX5 is definitely a must get for anyone. For a sleek piece of intelligent and beauty, the CyberShot TX5 is definitely a prize winner!

Next year is back to the sea with my brand new CyberShot TX5, taking amazing photos underwater! Woohooo!

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