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Social Media 101 – Don’t Be An Internet Troll

July 21, 2010 by Galvin Tan in Technology with 3 Comments

Just less than 36 hours ago, the CEO of Friendster and MOL (the company that recently went into partnership with Facebook to bring Facebook credits to Asia) made it into TheNextWeb for being an Internet Troll.

OffGamers is a company that sells online game credits, similar to what MOL is doing, but on a smaller scale. OffGamers has a Fan Page and did what many do in advertising one of its products. Things get a little crazy when the first comment post on the Wall Post came from Mr. Ganesh Kumar Bangah, group CEO of MOL. Mr. Ganesh¬† posted, “buy from MOL better…”.

What follows after that was a warfare of words from OffGamers’s patrons and MOL’s “loyalists”. Some of which I suspect are fake Facebook users. I knew something was fishy when the first person that came in defense of Mr. Ganesh is a dolly-eyed lady by the name of Min Ng. I suspected her to be a fake Facebook profile because of her comments. In her first few comments, she sounded like some white bimbo.

As the comment box heated up, somehow from out of no where, she begin to sound like she came out from Harvard.

I’ve also did a Tineye search on her initial profile picture (she changed her pic after that) and the result shows that the same picture also appears on another website from China (

I too made a few comments on the wall insisting that Min Ng could be a fake user regardless who is behind the profile and I’m definitely not suggesting that it could be Mr. Ganesh himself or anyone from MOL. Well, it could be anyone! :)

20 minutes later, I’ve got a message and a friend request on my Facebook from Min Ng. I added her and took a quick look into her profiles.

This is a screenshot I took of her profile page. Can you tell if she’s a real person or just another fake?

Looks like a brand new account to me with 61 friends. 20 friends added within 24 hours. Hmmm… I wonder.

I love a good business rivalry but resorting to troll your competitor is definitely a no no, even if you have cute round eyes.


Here’s more screenshots of Min Ng’s Facebook profile before and after she/he changes her/his profile pic.



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Facebook comments:


maybe her account looks new cause she dont have friends? I don't know. Just saying.

anarkis glider
anarkis glider

MOL punya pakatan kena tiaw kaw kaw but still wanna play the game...

To MOL People

we knew better than u fake it..


anarkis glider
anarkis glider

MOL punya pakatan kena tiaw kaw kaw but still wanna play the game...

To MOL People

we knew better than u fake it..


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