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BMW Innovation Day 2010 – An opportunity to test drive your favourite BMW

August 16, 2010 by Galvin Tan in Daily Rants with 7 Comments

I’ve been a big fan of BMW ever since I laid eyes on a BMW 3 series (E30) during my younger days. Since then, I told myself that one day I must put my hands behind the steering wheel of a BMW. Opportunity came knocking when I got invited to BMW Innovation Days 2010 where I get to test drive some exotic models of BMW. I invited my friend Cyrus Foo to come along too.

Our host for the event was Quill Automobiles in PJ SS14 and they do know how to put up a great event. Upon registration, we were treated with some light beverages and Japanese food. We toured around the showroom and took photos of all the available models there. We then proceed to a short briefing before heading out on a convoy to Shah Alam stadium where we will be given a chance to test our BMW driving skills.

I personally wanted to try the X6 but unfortunately the pre-selected vehicles did not include the X6. The next best thing was the Z4 but that too was taken. So we settled for the 325i convertible instead. It’s a good choice as it’s not every day I get to drive a two-door convertible.

The convoy about to move out

This is our ride, the BMW 325ci convertible

Feeling good inside the 325ci convertible

There were about 20 of us there and they split us into 2 groups. Our group leader happened to be an ex-race car driver, Ivan Kong. He’s a great race car driver and a great mentor. He guided us all along the way to our destination via a walkie-talkie provided in each vehicle and trusts me; he’s good at what he’s doing.

The convoy begins from Quill Automobiles turning into Damansara Highway. We then took the exit at Damansara toll and headed towards Shah Alam via the New Klang Valley Expressway. During the convoy, Ivan guided us well and encouraged us to test the power of our vehicle. So we step on it and boy… it was really fun. Half way through the journey, we swapped driver so Cyrus got a chance to punch the accelerator too.

Upon reaching Shah Alam stadium, we were delighted to see rows of BMW training cars lining up at the car park, waiting just for us to get behind the wheel. To our surprise, these training cars are the new BMW 320d Sports and they are… really really powerful despite being a diesel-powered machine.

Ivan briefed us through the training so that we can try out for ourselves, why BMW is the Ultimate Driving machine. The first task was the braking test. We are encourage to speed up and then slam the brake as hard as we can and try to maneuver the car to safety without knocking down any of the cones. This is to test BMW’s ABS braking capability.

At our destination. Our 320d Sports awaiting

Having fun during the BMW training skill test

Next task was the maneuverability test. We have to maneuver the car around a line of cones swerving left and right without knocking them down. The last task was the braking test again. This time, we need to drive the car as fast as possible and hit the brakes as hard to a full stop. The trick was to stop the car right inside the rectangular box of cones. This test was to gauge our judgment during an emergency and hitting the brakes hard. It was a good training as we may not know the braking capability of our BMW vehicle as an owner. Surely, if we own a BMW, we definitely won’t want to be risking our own beloved vehicle

After the BMW Driver Training session... getting ready to go

The tasks were indeed a good training for all of us. Before we head back to Quill showroom, we get to swap cars again. This time round, we got the BMW 320d Sports again. We now get to try the diesel-powered vehicle on the highway and I must say it was really an exhilarating journey. When we got back to the showroom, we were treated to some refreshments and given a door gift after filling up a feedback form.

Ivan Kong (C), our guide and mentor for the day

I’m definitely looking forward to the next Innovation Days.

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will keep u posted :)


will keep u posted :)

Galvin Tan
Galvin Tan

Yes, go ahead. It is an enjoyable event and it should be in the report :)

Hope to see more of such event from BMW in near future.

Galvin Tan
Galvin Tan

Yes, go ahead. It is an enjoyable event and it should be in the report :)

Hope to see more of such event from BMW in near future.


glad u enjoyed it. going to put this post into our report :) if ure ok with it.


glad u enjoyed it. going to put this post into our report :) if ure ok with it.


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