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Finally, A Rookie Champ… An Old One Too, Haha!

August 9, 2010 by Galvin Tan in Daily Rants, Sports with 2 Comments

Over the weekend, I took part in the FCM Players Challenge 2010, an annual foosball (table soccer) tournament organised by Foosball Community Malaysia (FCM).

It was a joyful and tiring weekend having to go through some intense battle with some younger opponents which is half my age.

Now, I’ve been playing competitive foosball for years now – based on experience, I’m no longer a rookie but following the new ranking system, somehow I’m still eligible to play in the Rookies category. So I took the opportunity to play in the Rookie Doubles event.

My original partner stood me up last minute, so I had to pair up with another partner, a young talented chap by the name of Danny Lu. Funny thing is his partner stood him up too.

It’s a risky partnership because we have never teamed up together before in any tournament. However we manage to get along fine throughout the tournament and Danny proves himself to be a very skillful and strong player. We fought all the way to the finals and won the Rookie Doubles title. Perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise.

From left: Cyrus Foo, Me, Danny Lu and Zayd.

Another partnership that proves to be fruitful is with my old partner, Cyrus Foo. We fought our way to semi-finals of the Open Doubles event only to be let down by fatigue and tiredness. However, we are rather happy with 3rd placing considering that we haven’t been playing as a team for a couple of tournaments.

From left: Cyrus Foo, Zayd and me.

Double joy for me and suddenly I’m no longer a Rookie.

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WOOHOOOO FINALLY! Your new orange t-shirt brought your some luck, i guess :) :)


WOOHOOOO FINALLY! Your new orange t-shirt brought your some luck, i guess :) :)

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