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iPhone vs BB: Which User Gets More Sex And Why?

August 11, 2010 by Galvin Tan in Daily Rants, Technology with 2 Comments

On an ever battle of “which-is-a-better-smartphone” between iPhone and BlackBerry, Gizmodo recently posted a survey that shows iPhone users have twice more sex than BB users.

iPhone Users Have Twice as Much Sex  as Android Users (Plus! Sexiest Cameras)

According to 11 million plus images indexed by users of dating site OK Cupid, iPhone users get laid twice as often as Android users.

If you’re anything like me, you usually think of your pics in terms of content: Here’s me smiling. Here’s me looking tough. Here’s me in Hawaii with that wacky turtle. And so on. Today, however, we’ll analyze photography from a numerical angle-we’ll discuss flash, focus, and aperture instead. We feel like people don’t really think about these things when they choose a profile photo, and yet, as we shall see, their misuse can seriously mess you up.

As always, our data comes from dating site OkCupid, one of the largest, and most interesting, datasets on the web. This article aggregates 11.4 million opinions on what makes a great photo.

I find this article a good read and since I’m an iPhone user, it’s a good thing for me to brag about it so I emailed the link to my fellow colleagues of my department.

My email subject goes something like this:

“Subject : iPhone users have more sex than BB users. That’s bcoz BB users spent more time trying hard to punch those tiny buttons.”

My email did stir a little drama. Minutes later, I’ve got a reply from a colleague. He’s obviously not a big fan of iPhone and his email subject reads:

“Subject : iPhone users who don’t know about tiny buttons are useless at sex”
Laughing at the reply, I sent out yet another email with a subject that reads:
“Subject : When iPhone user sees a button, they touch it…not punch it :) You see, iPhone users usually ‘suck’ with buttons :p”

Now, 2 hours later, still no reply from my colleague. LOL Pwns!

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reading this, ur wife might decide to switch u to android. or worse, sony ericsson! lol


reading this, ur wife might decide to switch u to android. or worse, sony ericsson! lol

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