Canon EOS 60D – New Kits On The Block

October 3, 2010 by Galvin Tan in Technology with 0 Comments

Behold the Canon EOS 60D, the successor to the EOS 50D.

Canon Malaysia announced its arrival 2 weeks ago and the price of this feature-rich snapper wasn’t announced until now. But before I go to the price for this new baby, let’s see what this baby is made of.

The EOS 60D may sound like an upgrade from the 50D but to be honest, it’s more like an upgrade for the Rebel 550D. The plastic shell body is definitely much lighter than a magnesium alloy construction but nevertheless still feels rather solid and classy. Budding photographers will definitely favour the 60D as an upgrade from their Rebel range. Ladies will love it for it’s robust design and compact body.

Product Positioning
According to Canon Camera Malaysia, the 60D is being positioned in-between the Rebel range (such as the 1000D, 500 & 500D) and the Pro range (5D Mark II, 7D and the 1D Mark IV) in which instantly making it the new Advanced Amateur DSLR range.

Image Quality
The EOS 60D is still an APS-C format camera but now with a 18MP CMOS sensor. Giving more than enough image quality for any budding photographers who wants a clear upgrade.

Continuous Shooting
For those eyeing on sports photography, the 60D will fit in perfectly. With continuous shooting at approximately 5.3 fps with JPEG and RAW format data generation. With burst of up to approximately 94 frames in JPEG Large or Fine.

User-friendly Operation
A new noticeable feature of the 60D is the new Multi Control Dial. The 60D now comes with a 8 direction keys centered within the Control Dial which provide functionality of the former Multi Controller. It provides the same user-friendly operation with less finger movement.

Perhaps the high point of the 60D is the fully articulated 3.0″ LCD screen. This is a great feature and it provides more angles for DSLR photography, especially when you need to get those really low-angle shots.

The Mode-dial Lock is also being introduced to the new 60D to prevent switching of Mode-dial by accident. Mode-dial can only be turned by pushing the lock button down. A nifty function for those who is on-the-go with their camera slinged over their shoulder.

Creative Filters
Inside the body of the 60D is a brain with creativity. Creative Filters are available for immediate creative effect on the camera itself. The filters are Soft Focus, Grainy B/W,  Toy Camera Effect and Miniature Effect.

1080p HD Video Recording and Movie Cropping
Like the 550D and 7D, the 60D comes with video recording capability and in 1080p HD format. It also provide a movie cropping function which creates a telephoto effect that is 7x the focal lenght.

Integrated Speedlite Transmitter
The EOS 60D can remotely control EX Series Speedlites that are compatible with wireless control. You can easily enjoy high-level wireless multi-flash shooting.

Now we have all most of the features and functions covered. So what’s the price for this new EOS 60D? The price has been announced on Canon Malaysia website and here are the pricings:

EOS 60D Body – RRP: RM 3,338.00

EOS 60D Kit II EF S18-55mm – RRP: RM 3,799.00

EOS 60D Kit II EF S18-135mm – RRP: RM 4,299.00

EOS 60D Kit II EF S18-200mm – RRP: RM 4,799.00

Fairly reasonable price for an advanced amateur range camera. Highly recommended for those who wish upgrade their entry level DSLR.

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