Probably The Most Memorable Birthday

Time to bring out that ol’ birthday suit and parade around town… not. Yes, it’s that time of the year again and for a funny reason, celebrating it is not that fun anymore. As the age catches up, the fun falls behind. Nevertheless, this year is definitely one of the most memorable birthday ever.

Firstly, I got a surprise from my sis-in-law who left some special presents right in front of my room door right after midnight. One of them is my favourite Ikea furniture that I’ve been eyeing on it, Poang and it’s a present from my beloved wifey. Another special gift was from sis-in-law – she’s trying to make it ‘ikat perut’ from now onwards.  haha

The rest of the day awesome, went back to Klang to have lunch with my parents and brothers. And then meet up with some bloggers friends in KL.

I was even planning to go catch a movie after dinner. However, my plan was cut short because my car decided break down somewhere along KESAS highway. I was on my way back to Subang passing through Sri Petaling, that’s when my gearbox gave in. Proton Perdana V6 is famous for faulty gearbox and I’ve been expecting this to happen. For some reason, that moment had to be on my birthday la…. *manyak cantik*

I had to tow my car to the workshop and the repair work will be painful… I know… sigh.

So yep, this is probably… or rather the most memorable birthday… for now.

So HAPPY BIRHDAY old man, may you find your 6A12TT or 4G63T (thanks to Shaolintiger for putting it into my head) soon!

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