2011 Shell FuelSave Challenge – Penang

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I used to think that all fuels are the same and I usually fill up my car at the nearest petrol kiosk. But I was wrong, not all fuels are the same and I just found out why.

Over the weekend, I attended the 2011 Shell FuelSave Challenge which took place in Penang. It was the last round of North, Central and South region challenge and the winners from these regions will proceed to the 2011 Shell FuelSave Challenge Grand Finals in October where they will  stand a chance to win the RM50,000 in prize money.

What amazed me was not the prize money but the results from the challenge. Five participants battled out to get the most from their Shell FuelSave 95 filled vehicles. The Shell FuelSave Challenge, which simulates real city driving conditions, aims to demonstrate just how far Malaysian motorists can go with Shell FuelSave 95. The Shell FuelSave 95 is formulated to help motorists save up to one litre of fuel per tank.

The 5 participants had their car filled up with Shell FuelSave 95 to the fullest and then embarked on a 116 km trip from the Jalan Jelawat Shell Station in Penang to Gurun and then back to the station. Each participant are being accompanied by a Marshall during the journey to guide and give them practical driving tips to go the distance and burn less fuel.

The results were amazing. The participants clocked an average of 20 km per litre! The winner goes to Ms Deborah Tan Ai Jern, a petite 25-year-old who clocked 21.3 km per litre! She took home the RM3,000 prize money as the Penang State Winner and she will now join the other two winners, Mr Tan Moh Chuan (Johor) and Mr Lee Chee Kook (Selangor) in the Shell FuelSave Grand Finals.

Now, one may ask how to achieve such great mileage with a litre of fuel?

Local celebrity Fahrin Ahmad, also a Shell FuelSave Ambassador gave us a few pointers on how good driving habits can help save money and get that extra mileage.

I got the chance to meet Ms Christine Liew, Head of Retail Marketing (Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Brunei) of Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd. During her speech at the prize giving ceremony, she said, “At Shell, we believe that the long term benefits of Shell FuelSave Challenge go beyond our winners.” I agree with her as I myself have experience great fuel efficiency and performance from Shell FuelSave 95 and I’ve been sharing it with all my friends and family. With Shell FuelSave 95, I’m getting 9 km per litre as compared to less than 7.5 km on others. This is indeed great savings for me as I save more with every litre of petrol poured into my tank.

The event ended with lunch being served to guests and participants. I had to excuse myself since I’ve already have prior lunch appointment with my family.

It was a great initiative by Shell to advocate good driving habits and fuel efficiency amongst Malaysia motorists. Even though it was a hot sunny day, I totally enjoyed the event as it taught me a few more things that I as a motorist tends to take for granted, good driving habits.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who is the winner. With the right fuel and proper driving habits, we can all be winners!

Don’t take my words for it. Go give it a try yourself and you will feel the difference.

Now if you really wanna know how you too can save more with Shell FuelSave 95,  here’s some Shell FuelSave Tips for you:

  1. Fuel matters
    Fuel economy in the engine through a combination of good driving habits and using the right fuel. When combined with the Shell FuelSave Tips, Shell fuels with Fuel Economy formula can help you reduce fuel consumption and fuel costs by helping you get the most out of every drop of fuel.
  2. Drive smoothly
    If you drive aggressively, you’ll burn up to a third more fuel than if you drive smoothly. Avoid accelerating or braking too hard and try to keep your steering as even as possible.
  3. Use higher gears
    When you drive slowly in a higher gear, you’ll burn less fuel. Change up a gear whenever you can.
  4. Keep the windows closed
    Wind blowing through an open window slows you down. To compensate, you’ll put your foot down harder, using more fuel. So instead of opening a window, try and use your car’s internal ventilation system instead of the air conditioning.
  5. Use cruise control
    Change up whenever you can. Using cruise control on major roads helps you maintain a constant speed and help you make all those drops count.
  6. Avoid excess idling
    Stuck in a jam? Idling gets you nowhere, but still burns fuel.  Turn the engine off when you’re in a queue until you need it. As a rule, if you’ve stopped for over 10 seconds, switch off your engine.
  7. Avoid over-revving
    Change gear in good time when you pull away or when you’re accelerating.  Never ‘redline’ the rev counter.
  8. Avoid high speeds
    The faster you go, the more wind resistance you’ll encounter and the more fuel your vehicle will consume just to maintain speed. Driving just 5mph (12kmph) over the speed limit can affect fuel economy. So keep it slow.
  9. Avoid rush hour
    We all know that driving in rush hour can be stressful and unpleasant experience, but it can waste fuel too. Try to arrange car journeys outside of peak travel times, so you’ll spend less time in traffic and use less fuel as a result.
  10. Driving over hilly terrain
    Instead of coasting when you reach a download slope, maintain steady engine revs. This will help you to maintain a constant speed rather than picking up speed and it likely to have a positive effect

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