Angry Malaysian football fans hack Singapore website

Seriously, do we really need to this? Do we really need to go so low that we cannot lose with pride and dignity? ‘Harimau Malaya’ fought and lost with dignity, however their dignity and effort are now being marred once again by actions of those who are irresponsible.

The hacked page with image of Safee Sali and their reasons for doing so., Singapore’s on-line newspaper recently reported that a Singapore Car On-line website was hacked by a group of Malaysian hackers just to vent their anger and dismay towards some ‘rude’ Singapore fans.

Pop-up prompt with the hacker’s handle.

Even with some Javascripts running.

Calling themselves M43L Tro0pers (most likely Malaysian football fans too), they accused Singapore’s Lions for “cheating” and “acting”, and that they won because their foreign players. These hackers defaced the website by replacing it with an image of Safee Sali and left these messages on the website:

“We come to Pwned because some Singapore Peoples Be so Rude With Us When We Lost with you. So, Dont be So ‘kerek’ With us. You Was Won With The “Cheat Acting” and imported Players. We Lost With Dignity and We Play With our Pure National Player. So Dont Make Some Annoying Insult with Us!!!”

“Don’t worry, we didn’t harm your database. We never stole and we never delete your database. We just paste and we just see and collected your database. You got pwned coz your server was opened to got hacked.”

After the Laser-beam incident, I am once again very very disappointed with this hacking incident. I have told many of my Singaporean friends that the action of these few does not represent the feelings and actions of majority Malaysian football fans out there.

I  (and I dare to speak on behalf of many  ‘Harimau Malaya’ supporters and fans out there), am indeed upset and disappointed with the result of the Malaysia vs Singapore but we will never ever do such things to tarnish our own image.

A check at 4.50pm on Sunday evening showed that the motoring website was back to it’s original state.

EXCLUSIVE: Genuine photos of Laser-culprit caught on photo during Malaysia vs Singapore match

Alright folks, seems like my original post on the laser-culprit caught some attention from my blog readers. However, there are some readers out there that refused to believe that the photos are genuine and insist that it was edited and manipulated.

The photographer from has requested me to clarify this matter as the photos provided to me earlier on my blog is 100% genuine. I believe him because I’ve seen it myself and I have all the confidence that the photographer is not lying.

Someone actually analyzed the photos from my original post and claim that the photos are fake. Well, the photos I’ve posted were from 2 separate photos. However, the photograph that took the photo has given me the permission and the ORIGINAL photo (HI-RES) to publish and prove that these photos are not fakes.

The above photo was analyzed and published by a reader claiming that the photos posted on my blog post are fakes. Just take a look at the comment link posted on my blog post.

Now, this is the original photo that was sent to me by the photographer to prove that these photos published on my blog are 100% genuine!

ORIGINAL photo published on

ORIGINAL photo – enlarged via digital zoom.

So no, these photos are not fakes! They are indeed 100% genuine.

Laser-culprit caught on photo during Malaysia vs Singapore match

Indonesia lost 0-3 to Malaysia in the AFF Suzuki Cup last year, which was marred by laser beam incidents being shot by Malaysian supporters to Indonesian players.

Well, here’s news for you – we did it again! Laser-man strikes again and this time he’s being captured on camera. The incident happened during a free-kick was about to be taken by the Malaysian side when Singapore goalkeeper called for referee’s attention that laser beams are being shot at his face.

As a Malaysian fan, I’m really upset to see such irresponsible action by another fan. Let’s not be seen to the world as a sore loser because WE ARE NOT! And to others, do not judge us collectively. We do not condone such action and we condemn those who did, hence this blog post to highlight that particular culprit.

Watch the video here:

PHOTO 1: And here’s the culprit. Photo courtesy of

PHOTO 2: Another photo… this time digitally zoom with Photoshop.

» 29 July 2011
The above photos are courtesy of with prior permission given to be published on my blog. However, many ‘photo experts’ out there claim that these photos are fake. Let me assure you that these photos are from a sequence of photos taken with high-speed DSLR. These are 100% genuine photos.

» 30 July 2011:
Here’s the sequence photos taken during the Malaysia vs Singapore match. This is definitely not a fake. 100% genuine! The good people from sent me these screen-shot to prove that the photos are not fake.

Match Highlight: Malaysia vs Singapore (FWCQ 2014, 2nd Leg)

Photo courtesy of

If El Clásico is the name given in football to a match between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, then perhaps the match between Malaysia and Singapore deserves a name too – which I’ll fondly refer it as, Eh Klasik-lah!

Singapore advanced to the third round of the 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifiers at the expense of neighbours Malaysia after the second installment of the second round clash between the Lions and Tigers ended 1-1.

After a goalless first-half, Safee Sali once again broke the silence and gave a breath of hope to Malaysia with a stunning right-footed kick putting Malaysia ahead at the 58th minute.

However Singapore’s Shi Jiayi restored parity at 73rd minute to put Malaysia’s hope in vain after a rough struggle to the final whistle. Singapore won with 6-4 aggregate.

Watch the match highlights here:

Video: Malaysia 0-0 Singapura | 1st Half

Video: Malaysia 1-1 Singapura | 2nd Half

The Google+ Start-Up Guide

The Google+ Startup Guide by Saidur (Cy) Hossain.

Following the creative use of simple graphic presentation by Vincent Wong, Cy Hossain was inspired to use his creative talent to create yet another short and simple graphic presentation on Google+.

Explaining to non-tech savvy people can be quite a task especially when they have no idea what Google+ is all about. I find this graphic presentation very useful and wish to share with everyone.

[portfolio_slideshow id=3291]

Kudos to Saidur (Cy) Hossain for the excellent slides.

Match Highlight: Singapore vs Malaysia (FWCQ 2014, 1st Leg)

Malaysia had a good run with an early goal by Safee Sali. However a change of tide puts Malaysia was trailing 4-1 at first-half. The resilient ‘Harimau Malaya’ fought back in the 2nd-half to bring down the deficit although losing to Singapore 5-3 at Jalan Besar Stadium, Singapore.

Watch the match highlight video clips from the Singapore vs Malaysia – 1st leg match here.

First-half Highlight: Singapore 0-1 Malaysia – Goal by Safee Sali – First-Leg

First-half Highlight: Singapore 4-1 Malaysia – First-Leg

Second-half Highlight: Singapore 5-3 Malaysia – First-Leg

Second-leg will be played on July 28, 2011 at Stadium Bukit Jalil. If we can fill the stadium during the EPL Asia Tour matches, we can definitely fill the stadium for our ‘Harimau Malaya’ against the Lions!


Viber: Making free calls from your Android Devices too

Viber is a cross-platform VoIP app which was initially made available on iOS and now… for Android too. Viber allows you to make free calls using your data plan so you don’t have extra phone charges. It also allows you to send messages to another Viber user for free.

Viber syncs with your existing phonebook and your Android devices and automatically detects another Viber users on your list. Once detected, you’ll be able to tell whoever is on your list with Viber installed.

Viber for Android has been limited to private beta testers before it was realeased to the masses. So go ahead and download a copy of Viber app from the Android Market today and start saving.


How to tell you are short-sighted?

Many people can’t tell when they are suffering from shortsightedness. So I found this cool little trick to check whether you are shortsighted or having a normal vision.

How to Test Shortsightedness:

Normal vision people will see Einstein in the picture.

Short-sighted people will see Marilyn Monroe

If you see Einstein in the picture, walk back a few metres and you’ll see it into Marilyn Monroe.


According to Wikipedia:

Myopia is a refractive defect of the eye in which collimated light produces image focus in front of the retina when accommodation is relaxed. In simpler terms, myopia is a condition of the eye where the light that comes in does not directly focus on the retina which is in the back of the eye. Because of this, the image that one sees is out of focus when looking at a distant object but comes into focus when looking at a close object. [read more]

Luckily I still have a pretty normal vision but this test is so cool it is worth a post here on my blog.

AFC Midnight Football Boys Training with Chelsea Stars

Chelsea FC was in Malaysia for their Chelsea Asia Tour 2011 and the AFC Midnight Football boys had a chance to participate in various coaching sessions carried out by Chelsea Foundation coaches on the Blue Pitch that has been installed in Damansara Damai.

The Blue Pitch (or to be accurate two pitches side-by-side, one astroturf and one a harder surface) are similar to ones already installed by Chelsea in the London area and in Hong Kong. They provide an all-year-long, all-weather facility for local players who may not have had a proper surface to play on before. At the Chelsea Foundation sessions it was young people benefitting with an emphasis on social inclusion.

Five iconic Chelsea star players, Ashley Cole, Nicolas Anelka, Salomon Kalou, Daniel Sturridge and Patrick van Aanholt visited the facility today with huge media turnout. The stars were there to train with the boys and as usual, crowded by media for interviews and photo opportunities.

Solomon Kalou training with the MF boys.
Anelka showing his move
Daniel Strurridge with the MF boys
Ashley Cole gets a piece of action.
Ashley is looking happy here. Perhaps happier than Cheryl now.
Group photo with the kids that participate the football clinic.


Are you getting calls from +85215890000?


During dinner time, I received a phone call from an unidentified number. Well, the number is visible on my call ID but I just have no idea who is it from.

Thinking it could be from an overseas friend, I picked up the call only to hear crackling sound before it got cut off. Minutes later the same number called and when I picked it up it put me to a voicemail.

Thinking that I could be billed for it I quickly cut off the line. I felt uneasy about the call so I google it up.

A list of reversed-phone call websites came up and I found that many others from around the world are getting calls from this number too.

According to a forum, it’s a scam call which originated from Hong Kong. Apparently some lottery agent offering some service by asking for advance payment. So I called the good people from Maxis just to make sure I’m not being billed and thank goodness I wasn’t.

So the next time you see this +852 1589 0000 number calling. IGNORE IT or just hit the cancel button!

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