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Aftermath Of The Empire Shopping Gallery Explosion

September 29, 2011 by Galvin Tan in Daily Rants, Events with 4 Comments

It’s now exactly 24-hours after the 3.40am explosion of Empire Shopping Gallery that shook the nation. The early dawn blast left a section of Subang Jaya paralysed as traffic condition builds up after many roads leading towards Empire Gallery are being closed.

Police have ruled out any sabotage or terrorism link to Empire Gallery blast. Empire Gallery will remain closed as for now. Here are more better quality photos from the day after the blast that ripped through Empire Shopping Gallery.

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Facebook comments:

Galvin Tan
Galvin Tan

@CF: Thanks for the info. It is mighty useful for Toyota owners who which to go service their vehicles. Great stuff!


Hi Galvin, yr updates are speedy yo! informative & simple to the point.

Just to share to Subang + USJ Residents :

tis morning had an 8.45 am appt. at Toyota Service Centre .Found out roads are still closed from Subang Parade's crossroad turn in between Consplant & Parade. Decided to take a drive around to see if there's any turn-in to Toyota. Lucky i found it. To ppl who need to go to Toyota SC , pls take the left turn just before the Old Daerah Petaling building. You will see a tiny sign on the left with " Toyota " board which is now accesible via the reverse direction (used to be that one way Lorong exit from Empire back to the crossroads for those familiar.)

Hope this helps.


Galvin Tan
Galvin Tan

@Empire Fan: Yes, Empire was one of the best mall in Subang area. I guess the Management team will step up to fix this problem asap and to prevent any future mishap.

Empire Fan
Empire Fan

It was one of the best Mall you can find in Subang and too bad for that. If it's a gas leak, the operation manager and his key staff should take responsibility so as to every Mall in Malaysia. Safety to the public is a main concern and remains a priority..

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