Calling All Heroes: Lenovo Launches EExtraordinary 10-Second Hero Contest

September 26, 2011 by Galvin Tan in Special, Technology with 2 Comments

Do you think you have what it takes to be a hero in just 10 seconds? Lenovo, in conjunction with Microsoft Corporation is launching the EExtraordinary 10-Second Hero Contest in recognition of its Enhanced Experience 2.0 (EE 2.0) for Windows 7 program, which allows select Lenovo PCs to boot up in as little as 10 seconds. The contest calls on “doers” in countries around the world to submit 150 words explaining a good deed they or an organization they know of accomplished in 10 seconds. Lenovo will award $50,000 to a charity of choice based upon the person or organization who made the most significant impact in the same amount of time it takes to boot up a Lenovo PC with Enhanced Experience 2.0.

About Lenovo EExtraordinary 10-Second Contest

Consumers, ages 18 years and older can visit the contest site and submit a 150 word description of how they, an organization or someone they know has performed a good deed in 10 seconds or less. Twenty-four finalists from around the world will be selected by a panel of experts and featured on the contest website. The public will be invited to vote for its favourite submission on the contest website in mid-September with the grand prize winner announced at the end of the month. Lenovo will donate $50,000 to the grand prize winner’s charity of choice.

The Lenovo EExtraordinary 10-Second Hero Contest is open to residents of The United States, Australia, Philippines, Malaysia, The United Kingdom, India, Canada (excl: Quebec), Thailand, Indonesia, Turkey, Poland, The Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Colombia and Argentina.

Do you think you have what it takes to be a hero in just 10 seconds?

A Malaysian is currently one of the finalists and is in the running to win this contest and he needs your vote. M. Hilal A. Bakar has made it his personal prerogative to plant a seed or any tree to the ground every single day. His minimum goal is to root down at least 365 trees in a whole year.Kudos to M. Hilal A. Bakar for his simple yet brilliant thought one how to preserve our nature. The contest is now closed and currently in the voting period. Please visit http://lenovo.promo.eprize.com/hero and vote a fellow Malaysian to win this contest.

Submit Your 10-Second Hero Ideas and Win Topshop Vouchers

As for the readers, you’re in luck. Tell us your 10-Second Hero ideas on ‘What Can I Do In 10-Seconds To Make This World A Better Place’ in the Facebook or Blog comment box and stand to a chance to win Topshop vouchers! Yes, we have two RM50 Topshop vouchers to give away till the end of the month. The best ideas will will the vouchers!

So come on, submit your ideas now below.

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