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Cats and Dogs Rescued from

September 29, 2011 by Galvin Tan in Daily Rants, Events with 5 Comments

The early morning blast from Empire Shopping Gallery effected many businesses and injured a few people. Thankfully there were no casualties. However, one thing did came to my mind. What about those lovable pets from in Empire Shopping Gallery?

Well, pet lovers can breathe a sigh of relief as all the cats and dogs in the pet shop have been rescued. When I went back to the scene at about 10am, I caught sight of some cages filled with pets lying outside the building. After getting a closer look, a staff from the pet shop confirmed that these are the pets from and they look pretty happy to be rescued. Thanks to the diligent staffs of, which insisted to go back into the building to save the pets.

After long persuasion, they’ve been given the permission by Bomba to enter the building but for a very brief moment only – They were also accompanied by the building management staffs.

A few of them managed to grab all the cats and dogs from the shop but due to safety issue, they had to leave the smaller pets behind. However, they managed to provide them with sufficient food for the next few days before making their way to the exit.

I managed to get in touch with the owner of, Mr. Sean Saw and he was kind enough to fill me in with some additional info.

“As soon as we heard about the incident, our first priority is the pets. We know we have to rescue them out. My staffs managed to grab all the cats and dogs and a Chinchilla” he said.

“However, due to safety reason, we had no choice but to leave the smaller pets behind but we are not giving up. As of this morning, my staffs are already there waiting for the authority to give us the green light to re-enter the building.”

Saw added, “At first, we have no idea how many smaller pets were left behind, but after referring back to HQ, we have identified about less than a hundred smaller pets.  We have 2 rabbits, 4 Guinea Pigs, 37 hamsters and roughly about 20 or more peacock fishes still remaining inside the store.”

As many as 11 pups, 4 kittens and a Chinchilla have been rescued. The rescued pets have been sent to the headquarter at Jalan Sultan, Kuala Lumpur. Once they have good rest, they will be sent to other outlets in hope to find a loving owner.

Aren’t they the cutest things in the world? :)

UPDATED: 5.30pm, 29 September 2011
Good news! staffs were given the green light to go back into the shop to rescue the rest of the pets. Those left behind were rescued and relocated to a safer location. However, 2 hamsters didn’t make it. Empire Tower and Empire Soho tenants are also allowed to collect their belongings from their units, the Empire Shopping Gallery management announced this evening.



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@Mike: That's awful! Yeah...some unscrupulous business owner trying to make a quick buck. Good thing not all pet shops are the same. There are some really good ones.

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