I Love Samsung Galaxy SII: You Gotta Love This Fun Microsite

I am lucky enough to own the first Samsung Galaxy S last year and few months ago, I got the chance to do a hands-on review on the new Samsung Galaxy S II and I gotta to say, I’m still very much impressed with the Galaxy S II. It’s definitely one of my favourite Android OS phone to date.

The Samsung Galaxy S II is definitely by far more powerful than it’s predecessor thanks to it’s 1.2 GHz Dual-Core processor. And with a 4.3 inch AMOLED screen, surfing websites and watching movies on the Galaxy S II is really an exhilarating experience.

Now, if you really love the Samsung Galaxy S II or currently a proud owner, you really have to check out this fun site by Samsung. It a fun microsite developed by Samsung specially dedicated to Samsung Galaxy S II owners to submit short videos professing their love for their Galaxy S II.

So seriously, if you’re a Galaxy S II owner and just a big fan of it, just drop by this fun microsite – http://www.samsung.com/my/lovegalaxysll/


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