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The Truth About Malaysian Drivers

September 17, 2011 by Galvin Tan in Daily Rants with 1 Comment

Truth is… we are all an inconsiderate bunch of S-O-B!

The accumulative distance I’ve travelled up and down to Penang is equivalent to 6 trips round earth’s equator. I’ve been on the North-South Highway long enough to tell you that, most Malaysian drivers are generally INCONSIDERATE and selfish!

As Malaysians, we all know well enough that North-South Highway will definitely be jam-packed with holiday-goers and families trying to get back to their home town for the festive season. Getting stuck in hour-long jam has become part of Malaysian culture. In fact, it has become part of our lives. Generally, most Malaysians spent almost 3 hours every day being stuck in traffic jams. That’s more than a month collectively in a year… wasted!

Forget road ethics and courtesy. We can also take away stupidity – for being stupid is not a sin, being ignorant is. It is mostly ignorance and some times, arrogance that is keeping us behind.

It’s always easy for me to point fingers at people but there are times when I’m too guilty of committing such idiotic behavior.  But in which category do I fall into? Well, let’s find out…

I’ve come up with a conclusion that Malaysian road users generally fall under 7 main categories:

These drivers have no freaking idea why they’re even behind the wheels. They will be driving with their signal light indicating right when they are switching lanes from right to left. On a 3-lane highway, they will hog the middle lane when the slow lane is clear of traffic all the way. They will keep their break light blinking all the time as they do not know where they wanna go and which exit they’re supposed to take. Sometimes, they fall under the category of The Slowcoach too.

These drivers are the most careful drivers on earth. They will keep way below the speed limit on any highway, ignoring all the speeding cars zooming pass them. Heck, sometimes they even keep below the 5-foot walk speed limit. They are always slow when the lights turn green at the junction; they are also slow when even before the light turn yellow at a traffic light junction. The most irritating type of SLOWCOACH drivers are those who jump out from a junction straight into your lane and then the drive slowly ignoring the traffic behind them. I’m not suggesting that everyone should speed, but keeping on an average speed limit and not hogging the road will definitely be good to everyone on the road.

These morons are usually drivers who don’t know how to park their vehicles properly. They park at illegal parking spots – They park at handicapped lot even though I consider them mentally retarded for doing so – They are also those who put on their double-signal when heavy rain pours.

LOOK, double-signals are for STATIONARY vehicles. You know stationary? Stationary means vehicles that are not moving or parked along the emergency lane. Double-signals are not for you to use during a downpour, it’s for stationary cars on the road during breakdown or emergency, comprende?

I call them the jumper because they just like to jump queue and cut it unexpectedly. These drivers have no respect for others simply by ignoring the rest of vehicle lining up at the toll, exit junction and even when making a U-turn. Some times they will find any opportunity to cut into your lane immediately and then only turn on their indicator signal.

Hello brother, signaling do not give you the right to cut in instantly! Even with the indicator signal, you can only cut into another lane when situation/vehicle allows you to do so. Have some respect for others, please!

No, they are NOT Keiichi Tsuchiya a.k.a Drift King and I’m definitely not talking about such drifting. These are drivers that can’t keep their vehicle on a straight line or even in their own lane. On highways, they usually drift away from their lane into the next. Sometimes they drive right smack in the middle of the whole entire road.

The showoff is the cream of the crop of S-O-B drivers. Just because their car is faster than everyone else, they think they own the entire road, tailgating and high-beaming the entire stretch of their journey.  Some drivers live to weave in and out of the traffic and they cut into your lane so closely your heart almost jumps out.

The troll consists of bus and truck drivers. These are the drivers that contribute to 80% of the jam on the highway. Believe it or not, they are the cause of many road accidents too. Because of their massive vehicle size, they tend to bully and corner smaller vehicles off their lane, pushing them aside and causing them to make sudden panic brake. The worse is when they try to over take another bigger vehicle, because they are slow especially going uphill, they will block the rest of traffic behind. However, when they are cruising, they drive way above their speed limit on the highway.

I’m not condoning anyone to speed and drive way beyond the speed limit. I’m just hoping that road users can be more courteous and have patience especially when they are not the only person on the road or highway.

Having a dad who knows how to drive at the age of 10 (well, that’s what he claimed), I constantly get ‘driving lessons’ even now as an adult. Although most of the time he’s repeating what he has told me before, I do keep in mind what he had taught me about being a better and safer car driver.

Having a valid driving license for the past 18 years, I sometimes lose myself on the road. I admit that I was once a driver in all the above categories. Tempted to do what others have done to me. But then I realized I’m not any better than those S-O-Bs that I’m cursing off. So yeah,  I had my moments on the road, but the end of the day, I know what it means to be courteous driver on the road.

Ok there, I admit I too was once a S-O-B driver but now I’m changed person. Sadly enough, many drivers out there still do not have any decency to respect other road users. Are you one of them and in which category do you belong to?

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