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Thank You NST, For Not Stealing From Me

October 1, 2011 by Galvin Tan in Daily Rants with 6 Comments

The Empire Gallery blast attracted quite a good number of readers to my blog. I personally wish to thank those who supported me and gave me words of encouragement. I’m just a blogger, not a journalist, so reporting such incidents are a rare moment to me. I’m pleased to be able to share my views and photos with my fellow readers.

However, in the hour of disarray, somebody had the time to steal from me.

Less than an hour after I posted my blog post, it was all over the social media networks.  Berita Harian published a story on the incident with a photo taken from my blog post. They gave proper credit and published the photo without editing it. The Malaysian Insider’s journalist tweeted me for permission to use my photos and I gave them the nod. However, NST Online published their story on the incident and shamelessly steals not one…but three photos from my blog without giving me any credit. What’s worse, they even cropped off my watermark.

[portfolio_slideshow id=3883]

Thanks to my readers who highlighted this matter to me so I immediately brought this matter up to NST via their Facebook page and Twitter account. After many bombardments from many readers, NST replied with an apology on their Facebook page. A few minutes later, they removed my photos from their story and replaced it with their own.

After a little further digging, a friend told me that it wasn’t the journalist who took the photos from my blog. The journalist was provided with the photos to insert into the story. So my best guess is someone couldn’t get any photos quickly enough for early submission, decided to steal mine and submitted in as their own. How convenient.

Now I’m not hoping for any compensation. Under humanitarian and compassionate grounds, I’m willing to share my photos of the unfortunate event. However, I just don’t like to be taken advantage of.

Well, I’m glad that NST acted promptly. At least now I know they are still some professional working within NST.

Once again, thank you NST, for not stealing from me.


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Facebook comments:


thank u for the pics and write-up galvin!


haha a mix-up they say? come on la nst!

Danny Foo
Danny Foo

All us bloggers want is just a small dose of credit. Even a simple; Photo by:, is simple enough. Sigh. The world of the Internet.


Mixed up photos come cropped ? hehe . must be new adobe lightroom watermark recognision plugin

Galvin Tan
Galvin Tan

@wad da fuk: Just adding a little sarcasm into my postings ;)

wad da fuk
wad da fuk

WTF? Did they harass or threaten to sue you for defaming allegations and ordered you to put up this shitty post?


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