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Alexa – Top Ten Malaysian Sites

March 19, 2012 by Galvin Tan in Technology with 6 Comments

What do Malaysians do on the Internet? Which are the popular sites that are frequently visited by Malaysians and what do Malaysian like to do on-line.

Now here’s a list of Top Ten Malaysian sites in Malaysia according to Alexa, the leading provider of free, global web metrics.


No. 10: Utusan Online –

(26th on Alexa)
The Malaysian top news provider in Malay language, contain 30% exclusive online content and 70% content from its national daily newspaper Utusan Malaysia.

Utusan Malaysia started publication on 1967, being a romanised version for Utusan Melayu and daily edition of Mingguan Malaysia.

In 1997, the Group made its entry into the world of multimedia with the launch of “Utusan Malaysia On-Line”, Malaysia’s first Online Newspaper in full text and visuals. The service provided, in collaboration with Telekom Malaysia, enables pay-subscribers to read exact replicas of the Group’s newspapers, including Utusan Malaysia.

Utusan Online is currently the most visited Malay-language online newspaper in Malaysia and the 26th most visited site on Alexa.


No. 9: myMetro –

(25th on Alexa)
Harian Metro is a Malaysian tabloid-format newspaper published in Malay language and available in the afternoon. It was launched on 25 March 1991. A Sunday edition, Metro Ahad was launched on August 19, 1995.

On January 27, Berita Harian Group launched the new official web page called ‘myMetro’ for Harian Metro & Metro Ahad and soon it became one of the most visited site in Malaysia.

myMetro is currently on the 9th spot and the 25th most visited site on Alexa.


No. 8: –

(24th on Alexa)
Malaysia’s Number One Online Marketplace and auction website in the vein of eBay. is a relatively young company that has come a long way from its humble beginnings.

Since its inception at the end of 1998, the firm has quickly established a firm footing in the e-commerce arena. is on the 8th spot and is the 24th most visited site in Malaysia on Alexa.


No. 7: CIMB Clicks –

(20th on Alexa)
CIMB Group is a regional universal bank operating in high growth economies in ASEAN. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, CIMB Group has presence in 14 countries, covering ASEAN and major global financial centres, as well as countries in which its customers have significant business and investment dealings.

CIMB Clicks (formerly known as Channel-e) is the Internet banking and financial services portal accessible to all CIMB Bank’s ATM and Credit Cardholders. CIMB Clicks specifically caters to the needs of consumer banking clients.

CIMB Clicks is on the 7th spot being the 20th most visited site in Malaysia on Alexa.


No. 6: The Star Online –

(19th on Alexa)
The Star (daily) and Sunday Star, Malaysia’s most widely-read English-language daily and Sunday newspapers, are published in four editions – two editions which cover the northern peninsular states of Penang, Kedah, Perlis and northern Perak while the other two editions cover the rest of the country.

On June 23, 1995, Star Publications created history when it became the first Malaysian newspaper — and the third in Asia — to launch a World Wide Web edition.

Today, The Star Online is still the No. 1 most visited English-language news site in Malaysia sitting on 19th spot on Alexa.


No. 5: Cari Malaysia –

(17th on Alexa) was founded in 1996 and became one of the most popular community and one-stop Malaysian information website in Malaysia. The site has a forum that covers three languages – English, Malay and Chinese being the largest and most popular on is on the 5th spot and taking up 17th spot on Alexa.


No. 4: Lowyat.NET –

(16th on Alexa)
Lowyat.NET, could be riding on the success of Lowyat Plaza, a popular one-stop IT centre in Kuala Lumpur. But over the year, it has successfully transformed into Malaysia’s largest online community site covering Tech News and Reviews.

Lowyat.NET is now a most sought-after tech advertising site for electronic brands and tech enthusiasts.

Lowyat.NET is 16th most visited site in Malaysia on Alexa and it taking up the 4th spot.


No. 3: –

(14th on Alexa), a subscription-based website, offers news and views that matter in Malaysia. Updated daily, the site has won several awards for its quality reporting In English, Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese and Tamil. is now one of the hottest and most popular independent news sites in Malaysia which is not affiliated with any political bodies. is on the 3rd spot and the 14th most visited site in Malaysia on Alexa.


No. 2: –

(11th on Alexa)
Maybank, a trade name for Malayan Banking Berhad is the largest bank and financial group in Malaysia, with significant banking operations in Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Maybank was formed and founded by Malaysian business tycoon Khoo Teck Puat back in 1960 and has grown in size and credentials over the decades. is currently the No. 1 and visited e-banking site in Malaysia and the 11th most visited site in Malaysia on Alexa.


No. 1: –

(10th on Alexa) is an online marketplace offering classified advertisements. It allows anyone to buy and sell in his or her region conveniently in a very simple manner. is a brainchild of Sdn Bhd (formerly known as 701Search Sdn Bhd), a joint venture between Singapore Press Holdings Limited and Schibsted ASA. was founded back in late 2007 and has successfully captured Malaysian’s heart with it’s simple and easy-to-use interface. is now the No. 1 classified site in Malaysia and also the No. 1 most visited site in Malaysia. Taking up the 10th position on Alexa.


So here we have it. The Top Ten Malaysian sites in Malaysia. Malaysians are getting more well-informed thanks to the availability of more Internet-connected portable devices and smartphones. Tech savvy Malaysians are venturing into home-based businesses thanks to social sites, auction and classified sites like and

So, it clearly shows that Malaysians are getting more reliant and dependent on the Internet for their daily chores and even running banking matters online it’s a norm for millions of urban Malaysians.

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Galvin Tan
Galvin Tan

@AC & @ Terbelog: Thanks

@Roger F: I think Mudah is dominating in this area too. Classifieds for properties.

Roger F
Roger F

Mudah is the best. Are there any other classifieds sites in Malaysia that people use? What about for buying / selling apartments and cars? Does anyone use the (rip-off) Star website for this stuff?


nice share :)

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