Apple Launches New HD iPad With 4G

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Many Apple fans in Malaysia stayed up till wee hours in the morning scouring the Internet for Live Blogs on the much anticipated launch of the new Apple iPad 3. Weeks before the event, rumours are circulating around the social networks as to what the new iPad will be. Many tech sites claimed it to be iPad 3 but of much recent, branded it as iPad HD.

Well, whether it is iPad 3 or iPad HD, we are no where close.


The New iPad

Behold, the “New iPad” from Apple. Simply branded as the New iPad, this little piece of revolution (or resolution) now comes with HD Retina display and 4G LTE.

Here’s what we gather of the New iPad from Live Blogs from all around the world:

Simply branded as the new iPad.


Retina display as expected! It’s going to have 2047 x 1536 pixels.


“Put another way, you all have an HDTV at home , 1080p — an iPad has more pixels. That’s incredible!”


“We needed even more horsepower for the new iPad and its Retina Display, so we created the A5X chip. What’s the x for? Quad-core graphics.”


“Second feature: an iSight camera. As you know, on the front of our iPad we have a FaceTime camera. The new iPad has a great rear iSight camera — we brought the optics system from the iPhone 4S…”


HD Retina Display…  with a new iSight camera, surely you will have HD recording on new iPad!


“You may be thinking, a lot of these technologies consume a fair amount of power. So how does it do on battery life? You may recall we claim 10 hours of battery life, and 9 hours on 3G. The new iPad delivers the same 10 hours of battery life, and 4G is 9 hours.”


“We’re going to keep the new iPad 2 in the line as well — I’m really excited to tell you that the iPad 2 will start at just $399. This is really huge — so many more people can afford to get into this groundbreaking technology. This is a really big deal.”


Available on March 16, 2012 for these countries.


“We have redefined once again the category that Apple created just two years ago with the original iPad. We are so proud of this product that we’ve prepared an ad, I’d love to play it for you.”

Tim: “It’s the privilege of a lifetime for me to work with the most innovative people on Earth. Only Apple can deliver this kind of innovation in such a beautiful, integrated, and easy to use way. It’s what we love to do, it’s what we stand for.”

“Across the year you’re going to see a lot more of this kind of innovation, we are just getting started.”

That’s it!


Watch the Apple Special Event here:

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