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BMW Malaysia Launches 6th Generation BMW 3 Series F30 in Style [Photos]

March 24, 2012 by Galvin Tan in Events with 2 Comments


So, I was at the BMW launch for the new BMW 3 Series and I must say that I’m pretty impressed with the event. BMW Malaysia really knows how to throw a party and why not? The new BMW 3 Series has got every reason for us to celebrate. BMW 3 Series Sedan is the world’s best-selling premium car and often sets new benchmark it terms of sporting prowess, elegance and comfort.

My first introduction to a BMW was about three decades ago when I first saw my cousin driving the E21 BMW 3 Series. It wasn’t much a wow-moment then since I was still too young to appreciate such fine piece of machinery. Because it was a simple 3-letter BMW, the brand was quickly imprinted firmly in my head for years to come.


The two days event took place over at MINES International Exhibition and Convention Centre showcasing all 5-generations of BMW 3 Series and ultimately, the unveiling of the new 6th generation BMW 3 Series. The ‘By-Invitation Only’ event had a grand crowd of over thousands of people from the motorsports industry, current owners and diehard fans of BMW cars. Obviously, I’m not a BMW owner but I had my moments with some BMW cars.

I was invited by a colleague to attend the event. Upon reaching the main entrance, we were greeted by ushers of the event and were soon escorted to the registration counter. After the registration, we were shown the way into a big hall where they have all the 5 generations of BMW 3 Series on display. It was a photo opportunity moment for many BMW enthusiasts as this was indeed a rare moment to have all 5 generations of BMW 3 Series under one roof.

While we were waiting for the unveiling of the new F30, we met a few friends in the hall. We had a great chat while we treat ourselves to some sumptuous cocktail delights.

After about an hour waiting, we were then ushered into another hall with a huge runway stretching from the front to the end of the hall. This is where they will unveil the F30. As for the rest of the event, you can see it yourself from the photos below.


There’s definite something different with the new BMW 3 Series. The new BMW face, with a flat headlights reaching along as far as the kidney grille, emphasises the elegantly dynamic design of the new BMW 3 Series. The new 6th generation BMW 3 Series is definitely bigger than its predecessors. It has a wide track (front + 37mm, rear + 47mm) are particularly prominent, and the car’s increased length (+93 mm) and augmented wheelbase (+ 50mm) also accentuate its sporting silhouette. The new BMW 3 Series range is now also available in a trio of trim and equipment variants – the Sports Line, Luxury Line and Modern Line. Each presents its own individual uniqueness and character.


Model Assembly Body Type RRP
The New BMW 320d CBU Sedan RM 268,800.00
The New BMW 328i *** CBU Sedan RM 309,800.00
The New BMW 335i *** CBU Sedan RM 488,800.00

*** Available with Sport or Luxury line.

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Facebook comments:

Galvin Tan
Galvin Tan

Hi Ernie,

The CBU prices are as above on my post. As for CKD, we haven't got the price yet so will can only let you know later. As for which car to get, I would recommend the F30 than the Merc CGI. The driving experience for the F30 is simply amazing.

But then again, this is based on my self-experience and preference. Choice of whether to get a Beemer of a Merc has always been a hot debate topic for decades. But many forgot that it's just matter of choice. Some like Oranges and some like Apples. They are both tasty fruits :)


Hi Galvin,

based on past experience as a rough guide what would your guess be in regards to the price of the locally assembled F30 scheduled for a launch in something like 3 months time, past experience suggests a drop of about 14K, and also any idea if they will be offering the same 320d or will it be the 320i?

any advice would be greatly contemplating between the new F30 and the c200 cgi...

thanks and best regards


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