Did We All Fell For a KONY Campaign?

March 10, 2012 by Galvin Tan in Events with 1 Comment

So right after KONY 2012 YouTube video went viral, a number of postings begin to popped up claiming misusage of funds from the organisation that’s behind the KONY 2012 campaign.

KONY 2012 is a campaign to promote the charity’s ‘Stop Kony’ movement to make indicted Ugandan war criminal Joseph Kony internationally known in order to arrest him in 2012 and Invisible Children, Inc. is the not-for profit organization that is behind this campaign and created the KONY 2012 viral video.

Millions of people are touched and have shared the KONY 2012 film, including myself. Question now is, are we really supporting a meaningful campaign of did we all just fell for a corny propaganda?

News and Vlogs from Uganda bloggers are claiming that the KONY 2012 campaign is indeed misleading and could actually do more harm than bringing justice to Uganda. Apparently KONY 2012 is depicting a situation in Uganda that was 5-6 years ago. Things have changed now in Uganda and there has not been a single soul from the LRA in Uganda since 2006.

The Invisible Children Inc. also faced criticism over its finances. Of more than £6 million it spent in 2001, less than £2.3 million was for activities helping people on the ground. The rest went on “awareness programmes and products”, management, media and others.

So with such allegation going against Invisible Children Inc. and KONY 2012, it looks like they are doing it only to garner increasing financial resources for their own agenda.

While is easy to believe everything you see and hear, sometimes it’s good to just trust your instinct. However, this time my instinct failed me.

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