Fried Laksa at Restoran Well Cook Gourmet, SS14 Subang Jaya

April 10, 2012 by Galvin Tan in Food with 11 Comments

We all know that Penang is undoubtedly the most famous place for hawker food. Being a Klangite and a so-called half-Penangite now, I really love the hawker food in Penang.

Penang Laksa, in particular is a very famous hawker food in Penang. Penang Laksa is unlike any other Laksa in Kuala Lumpur. Penang Laksa is made with mackerel (ikan kembung) soup and its main distinguishing features are the asam or tamarind which gives the soup a sour taste and prawn paste.

It’s pretty hard to find any good Penang Laksa here in Klang Valley but if you’re in for a replacement, try having Fried Laksa for a change.

Yes, it’s Fried Laksa and it’s made famous by restaurant owner Mr. Chin Gok Ton, who is a Penangite. Mr. Chin previously ran a successful foodcourt stall at The Mall at Jalan Putra in Kuala Lumpur before setting up Well Cook Gourmet in Subang Jaya SS14.

The Fried Laksa is a creation of his wife, Teoh Gim See a few years back using laksa ingredients and dried prawns. Ever since then, the Fried Laksa has been the talk of town and was also featured on The New Straits Times.

I’ve introduced quite a number of people to this restaurant and they all love the Fried Laksa. And if you haven’t tried the Fried Laksa, I would strongly recommend that you give it a try. You can’t find Fried Laksa anywhere else in Malaysia.

Restoran Well Cook Gourmet is located along Jalan Subang Utama and the link to Pantai Baru Highway and the restaurant is a nice little set-up and definitely very clean.

Part of the reason we love to go there it’s because the restaurant is really tidy and clean. The staffs working there are a pleasant bunch and they always greet you with a smile. Besides good hospitality, Well Cook Gourmet also served really good hawker food. This halal Chinese restaurant is like a food court, offering up to 32 dishes, except for the fact that all the food is prepared in one kitchen.

Restoran Well Cook Gourmet was originally famous for its claypot noodles and rice. But since the Fried Laksa came along, it has stolen the limelight over other dishes.

So if you want to give Fried Laksa a try, here’s how you can get there:

Restoran Well Cook Gourmet
74, Jalan SS14/2,
47500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.

Contact Person: Mr. Chin Gok Ton
Mobile: 012-6811623
Business Hours: 12pm – 9pm (Closed on alternate Sunday)
Map (see below):

View Restoran Well Cook Gourmet in a larger map

Hunger Rating : My Hunger : 3 Satisfaction Rating : My Hunger : 4

Hunger Rating is to tell how hungry I am at the moment of time and Satisfaction Rating is the overall rating for the food and presentation.

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Facebook comments:


We came all the way from Penang, 12 of us for Taylor's open day. A KL friend brought us there for fried laksa. We also ordered popiah, prawn mee, fried keoy teow, fried laksa, ying yong, curry mee, claypot yee mee, curry mee and a few more can't recall.As Penang lang... I can confirm the owner is also Penang lang because the northern taste is there, can't run away. Fried laksa awesome, and quite surprise fried keoy teow actually better than most in Penang. Bravo. Sure will come back.


Super awesome fried laksa! popiah good too. Also, best fried koay teow ive ever tried. I heard they from Penang too.

Galvin Tan
Galvin Tan

Yeah Don, that's what I heard too, that they are from Penang. Never got the chance to ask the sho owner, perhaps next visit there. Glad that you enjoy the fried laksa :)


Great food. Awesome fried laksa and fried keoy teow. My gf love it due to the cleaniness, good service and fantastic food and drinks. Quite impressive with this restaurant from its ordinary outlook. Will definately return!

Good sharing, Galvin!


Hi Galvin,

Great pictures and write up! I was googling one day and wanted to look for nice Asam Laksa at my area, which is Subang Jaya and I found your blog! First, I thought I see wrongly the words "Fried Laksa" because I actually search for "Subang Jaya Laksa". But I guess I'm lucky that I clicked on your link.

Well it was around 5pm at that time and was extremely hungry and craving for Asam Laksa. After reading your blog without hesitation I open the door and grab my car key to SS14, Well Cook Gourmet (not sure what it means). Fourtunately, I get to park right in front the restaurant, actually I have passed by it many times but I never thought of trying because wasn't sure what they serve.

Back to the point, Fried Laksa, seriously I have no idea how it is going to be taste like. As usual, the adventurous me immediately ordered Popiah and FRIED LAKSA!! Without even look at the menu because I have read from your blog and other blogs, Popiah and Fried Laksa are the items that must have. Within 5 mins the food arrivied...but not the main star (Fried Laksa), is the Popiah. Tunggu apa lagi, I makan la...nom nom nom..finished. Seriously good, big fat juicy piece of Popiah, never try anything like this before, not in Penang, not in Malacca. Someone told me Sisters Crispy Popiah is nice but I have not try it yet.

After the Popiah I'm quite full but I still wanna eat the Fried Laksa. Took the 1st bite and is awesome. Really have not tried something like it before, it taste almost like Char Keoy Teow with Asam Laksa flavour. Wanted to go for another plate of Fried Laksa but instead I "Tapao" take away Wan Tan Mee for my mom (mom said not bad).

The enviroment is really clean and tidy. Also good service as you mentioned in your blog.

Really satisfying. Gone home with happy face and shared with my mom. :)

Galvin, thank you for introducing such a nice food. I like your other writings about gadgets as well. Thanks!


Jim Lee

Galvin Tan
Galvin Tan

Hi Jim, thank you for your kind words and for visiting my blog. I hope you will find my other postings just as interesting. Cheers!

Galvin Tan
Galvin Tan

@Dennis: Yes it is. Great stuff!

@Sharon: Yep, the other stuff are as good but I still prefer the Fried Laksa.

@Daud: Glad that you like it as much as we do.


tried today...awesomenessss....


Went there so many times....Fav: Popiah, CKT and TomYam.


I been there... seriously good stuff.

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