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Review: Lenovo IdeaPad U300s for Social Media and Gaming

April 15, 2012 by Galvin Tan in Technology with 0 Comments

After spending weeks with the U300s, I’m beginning to grow pretty fond of it. I’ve been carrying it with me to almost everywhere I go. Besides being super lightweight, it’s also amazingly easy to use.

The U300s is my best companion during the football weekends. While watching football matches, I like to share my thoughts and exchange comments with my fellow friends on social media.  It pretty sums up that the ultrabook such as the U300s is meant for the next generation of Internet users.

Social Media

While its technical specs allow me to do higher performance stuff than on my desktop PC, the U300s is definitely meant for the Social Media generation. Being a Social Media junkie myself, I’ve been depending on my smartphone to keep myself connected.

I’ve got quite a number of Social Media software installed on the U300s and I use all of them whenever I’m connected to the Internet. Some people will say that it’ll be much easier to use a Tablet PC if I’m only using it for Social Media. But being an aspiring blogger too, I depend very much on the U300s’ portability and power to get my posting and images done. Oh yes, full QWERTY keyboard and track pad are really much needed here.

I go around places a lot and I deal with a high resolution photos all the time. Having the ultra-portable U300s with me does make my life so much easier. With the Intel 1.8GHz Core i7 processor, downloading and editing these hi-res photos on the go are extremely fast and easy. The long battery life means I can get more things done without a power source nearby.

Posting tweets are really fun with the U300s. Everything I need to send out a tweet, I just pull out the U300s, flips it open and I can almost instantly get connected to my home Wi-Fi and start sending out tweets. Although without the “Instant-On” feature like such on the Acer Aspire S3, the IdeaPad U300s boots up almost as fast as the Aspire S3. The only difference is I need to hit the power button to get it booted up.


I used to spend a lot of time on computer games when I was much younger. Now being a much mature adult, I try minimal time on gaming. However, to test the gaming performance of the U300s, I took on my copy of StarCraft II and got it installed on the U300s. Now we all know that StarCraft II is a graphic-intense game but with the Intel® GMA HD 3000 graphics and loaded with 4GB DDR3 memory, U300s is showing no signs of slowing down. I’m impressed.


Ask me if I would buy a Lenovo IdeaPad U300s ultrabook as a ‘portable game console’, I would so no. Although it has got the power and ability to run graphic-intense games, the U300s ultimately is not a gaming machine. It’s everything else portable, but not a gaming machine.


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