Russell Peters Confirms To Hold Second Show in Malaysia!

April 24, 2012 by Galvin Tan in Events with 1 Comment

This just came in, funny man Russell Peters will be putting on a SECOND SHOW on May 11, one day before the initial show on May 12.

The announcement was made on Russell Peters’ Facebook page less than an hour ago. Tickets sale info will be out soon.


What Happened So Far?

Here’s what happened so far. Some time back in early April, there’s been a speculation that Russell Peters to make an appearance here in Malaysia as part of his Notorious World Tour 2012. Malaysia fans were excited when Russell Peters confirms his show in Singapore and Bangkok. On April 5, things didn’t go that well with the promoters in Malaysia. Russell tweeted that he was rather upset how things were going and disappointed for not being able to put a show in Malaysia.

A day later, Russell hinted on his Facebook page that there could be a possibility that he will be able to make it to Malaysia. And then on April 7, he tweeted that things are going pretty well and a show in Malaysia is quite likely.

On April 12, Russell Peters tweeted and confirmed his show in Malaysia and it will be on May 12. Tickets went on sale on April 18 at 9.00 AM and were immediately sold out before noon. Many fans were disappointed.

As of 3.30 PM today, Russell Peters announced on his Facebook page that he will have a second show in Malaysia on May 11, one day before the actually show on May 12.


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Update – 25 April 2012:

Tickets for the second show of Russell Peters in Malaysia will be going on sale this Saturday, April 28. Venue and the plan seating of the show will remain the same. Click here to find out the ticket prices and seating plan.




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