Russell Peters Show in Malaysia Sold Out Within an Hour

The much anticipated Russell Peters show in Malaysia is sold out within an hour after tickets are made publicly available on-line this morning. Official ticketing agents, and open their online ticket sales since 9.00 AM this morning.

As of 10.30 AM, AirAsiaRedtix announced on their Facebook page that all tickets are sold out from their side. Ticketpro phone line is impossible to get through at all and the online ticketing is totally jammed out.

I’ve also received news that fans are queuing up at Victoria Music at Tropicana Mall and the shop wasn’t open until 11.00 AM.

Looks like it’s gonna be a mad rush once these smaller outlets are open for ticket sale. I’m pretty lucky that I got my tickets but it’s gonna be a big let down to many other Russell Peters fans out there.



Whatever it is, I really hope this show will pull through or else if not, Somebody Gonna Get A Hurt Real Bad… SOMEBODY!

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