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Russell Peters Won’t Be Coming To Kuala Lumpur Yet Again (Updated)

April 5, 2012 by Galvin Tan in Events with 2 Comments

Please note that we have UPDATED this post below

About a week ago, I heard news of Russell Peters will finally be making an appearance here in Malaysia. Believe it or not but there’s a huge Russell Peters fan base here in Malaysia. Many will do anything including making a total fool of themselves just to get tickets to his show… even when it’s not for sale yet.

Seeing that Malaysians are desperate to have Russell Peters on Malaysian ground, I submitted a comment on Russell’s Facebook page and seeing the number of LIKES from my comment only, shows how much we wanted Russell to be in Malaysia.

However, I’m sad to tell you that Russell Peters will not be making an appearance here in Malaysia… ONCE AGAIN! The news came when he tweeted on his official Twitter account stating that he won’t be coming yet again because his promoter couldn’t get things sorted out.

For some reason I have a gut feeling that Russell’s promoter is having a hard time getting him into Malaysia no thanks to some authorities. This is indeed a big disappointment as we are looking forward to his show. Looks like the Tourism Board of Malaysia will miss out on another piece of cake from foreigners who are willing to travel in just to catch his show. Speaking of hypocrisy and stupidity at its best! Maybe it is time for a change.

UPDATED – 6 April 2012

Russell just recently updated his Facebook page stating that they are working on making an appearance in Malaysia again.  This time, he specifically mentioned Selangor instead of Kuala Lumpur. The new FB post came hours after his earlier tweet about him not be able to make it to Kuala Lumpur. So, there’s still hope?


UPDATED – 7 April 2012

We’ve got an update on the status of Russell’s show in Malaysia. Russell tweeted yesterday that he might be able to make it to Malaysia after all. So hopes are high now for him to come to Malaysia but let’s still keep our fingers crossed since anything can happen. Will keep you guys posted.


UPDATED – 12 April 2012

It’s confirmed guys, Russell Peters will be coming to Malaysia. Read this –



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  2. […] Here’s what happened so far. Some time back in early April, there’s been a speculation that Russell Peters to make an appearance here in Malaysia as part of his Notorious World Tour 2012. Malaysia fans were excited when Russell Peters confirms his show in Singapore and Bangkok. On April 5, things didn’t go that well with the promoters in Malaysia. Russell tweeted that he was rather upset how things were going and disappointed for not being able to put a show in Malaysia. […]

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