Up Close and Personal with Samsung ES8000 LED SMART TV

April 24, 2012 by Galvin Tan in Technology with 4 Comments

“Hi TV, Power On” is not exactly your everyday greeting at home. However, things will soon change in the near future with the new range of Samsung SMART TVs.

I’ve got the opportunity to get up close and personal with one of the SMART TV from Samsung and the experience is somewhat enlivening. I was being introduced to Samsung’s ES8000 LED TV in a rather awkward manner, which I had to face the TV and greet, “Hi TV, Power On.” – The sleek and beautiful LED TV mounted on the wall immediately came to live. I was dumbfounded.

Nicholas Siow,Samsung’s AV Specialist introduces me to the ES8000 LED TV

The 55-inch LED screen produces stunning and crystal clear picture quality. With Micro Dimming for clearer pictures, sharper details and vivid colours – a feature only offered by Samsung. When physically checking out the TV, I was astounded by the 0.2-inch ultra-slim bezel design which increases the screen size without bulking up the overall size. What I’m really glad about is that the ES8000 gets connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi and also Ethernet connectivity. No more pulling of cables. In additional to that, there are 3 HDMI and 3 USB ports available and they are well concealed right at the back of the TV.

Once I get to the console on the main screen, switching the channels are as easy as saying “Hi TV, Channel Up!”  I can even select the menus simply by saying the command from the couch. What’s more fascinating in when I can actually use hand gestures to control the on screen cursor to select the menu and controls. The built-in camera captures the motion and two unidirectional array microphones with noise cancellation technology recognize voice command even from across the living room. I was impressed.

At that very moment, It’s like living in a Sci-Fi movie and I’m the captain of the spaceship giving commands to the central Artificial Intelligent control.


The ES8000 is one of Samsung’s new range of SMART TVs and it is the finest model of its class. The ES8000 is powered by a new dual-core processor that enables multi-tasking, downloading at higher speed, quicker boot-up times and quicker web browsing.  The ES8000 also integrates seamlessly with convenience to multiple devices and an enhanced image processing ability that allows users to enjoy more with the TV.

Samsung emphasized their SMART TV innovation on three core areas, namely the SMART Interaction, SMART Content and ultimately the SMART Evolution.


SMART Interaction

Nicholas controlling the ES8000 with Voice Control

With Voice Control, I can verbally control the ES8000 using simple commands such as ‘Hi TV, Power On”, “Hi TV, Volume Down”, “Hi TV, Channel Up” and many more. It was rather simple to get a hang of the Voice Control; you’ll just have to remember some of the preset commands. However, I did face a few difficulties getting the ES8000 to respond to me. Perhaps my commands were not clear enough. However, after a little practice, I was switching channel like pro. Optional remote with microphone is available too for the adventurous ones. (The SMART TV will not always pick up voice commands coming from the washroom)

Nicholas showing the Motion Control feature.

Motion Control is way more fun especially when you have to raise your hands up and wave in front of the screen to trigger the on screen cursor. Once the ES8000 recognizes your hand, you’ll be able to move the cursor with your hand and clicking the menus simply by clenching your fist lightly. That’s equivalent to a click on the mouse. Moving your hand in an anti-clockwise motion will bring you to the previous screen and after spending a good 10 minutes in front of the SMART TV, I looked like a professional Para-Para dancer. The SMART Interaction will definitely be a hit amongst the couch potatoes.

Face Recognition allows you to login to your SMART TV without any password. Here’s the face of the previous person who was registered to that account.

The Face Recognition function is pretty cool, especially when I have a wife and two sisters at home. Using the Face Recognition function, I can login to the SMART TV simply by standing in front of the camera. The TV recognizes who I am and immediately brings up my personalized home screen. My wife and sisters can have their own personalized home screen too. This is a great feature especially when I don’t have to log in and out of Social Media apps, which brings me to the next great innovation of Samsung SMART TVs.


SMART Content

The SMART TV isn’t all that smart without its SMART Content.  Samsung’s SMART TVs embrace multi-screen world that allows me to do more on the TV with a suite of exclusive services. Be it staying healthy and fit or providing kids with edutaiment content, there’s always something for everyone at home.

Share photos, reminders and memos with Family Story.

With Family Story, sharing of photos and memories with your loved ones just got much simpler from the TV to cloud services and through other SMART devices. I can now share photos, memos and reminders with my family members and friends anywhere they are via multiple multimedia devices; and it’s only accessible and viewable to those invited into the group.

Broad range of Samsung Apps for SMART TV.

With over 1,400 apps globally, Samsung Apps has definitely established itself as the industry’s leading TV apps platform, with the broadest range of video content from leading brands. To me, the Social media apps are the highlight to the SMART TV. Now I can tweet and watch my football match at the same time, on the same screen! Skype video call was pretty lively and realistic in front of the enormous LED screen.

Intuitive interface SMART Hub.

Multi screen allows me to watch the game and engage in social media at the same time.

Samsung’s SMART Hub user interface for ES8000 has also been redesigned for faster performance and convenience with a cleaner, more intuitive interface in Full HD. AllShare Play can be used anywhere, anytime and with any compatible device, as long as you’re connected to the Internet.

Connecting compatible devices with AllShare Play.

After all the introduction, I was treated to 10 minutes of Full HD 3D movie on the ES8000. Equipped with optional 3D glasses and a simple set-up of home entertainment system, the movie experience is just simply amazing!

Watching HD 3D movie with and without the 3D glass.


SMART Evolution

Perhaps that one reason why anyone should consider getting a Samsung SMART TV it would be for the SMART Evolution innovation. Samsung’s SMART TVs are built with a proprietary system-on-chip technology – so the TV delivers an evolving TV, getting smarter and faster with the benefits of the latest TV technology, without having to purchase a brand new set every year. This is indeed the key concern of many consumers especially those who needs a longer time to get to know their SMART TV. So now you don’t have to worry about being left behind in TV technology for the next 2-3 years after purchasing a Samsung SMART TV.



At the end of the day, I got acquainted to the ES8000. Although there’s everything to love about the ES8000, I still find the controls slightly sluggish. But then again, this is only the beginning of Samsung’s SMART TV era. Will I get one for my home? The answer is a definite YES! Simply because SMART TV, just like Smartphones and Tablets, will eventually be part of our lives in every home.

I’m definitely  looking forward to see more SMART products from Samsung in the near future.



Samsung’s SMART TVs ranges from LED to Plasma TV. The ES8000 Series SMART TV comes in three models:

  • UA60ES8000RXXM (60-inch)
  • UA55ES8000RXXM (55-inch)
  • UA46ES8000RXXM (46-inch)

For more information on the latest Samsung SMART TV and range of home entertainment products, please visit and

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Riley M
Riley M

I thought the D8000 was a nice TV, and now that I’ve seen this, I want it even more. I am looking for a new TV since I was able to get my parents to add the free HD channels to their Dish account by letting them have my last HDTV. I have HD as well through Dish, and I’m sure they would look perfect on the TV. Many of my colleagues at Dish have said to look at Samsung TVs, so the ES8000 may be my next TV!

Galvin Tan
Galvin Tan

I'm glad that my review helped to make your decision. Have fun with the new ES8000!


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