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How to Unsubscribe Newsletters from Groupon Malaysia

May 14, 2012 by Galvin Tan in Technology with 0 Comments

Have you subscribed to and regretted that you did so? Have you tried unsubscribing from but for some reason those emails keep coming back and you wonder why? I’ve kind of figured out how Groupon Malaysia site works and this post is meant to help explain on how to properly unsubscribe from Groupon Malaysia.



When you choose to subscribe to Groupon Malaysia, you’re required to pick from ‘Choose Your City’ dropdown menu and then enter your email address. By default, the site will set it to ‘Klang-Valley – KL’ or you can simply choose another preferred location. Then click OK and viola; you’re listed on the newsletter! Simple, isn’t it? Please also note that you’ve been subscribed to Groupon Malaysia newsletter for Klang Valley – KL.

So for the next few days, you’ll be getting Groupon Malaysia newsletters in your Inbox. Yeah sure, you’ll enjoy it for the next few days but when days become weeks, you’ll soon realized that the endless newsletters are flooding your inbox. Now you’re irritated and wish to stop this nonsense.


Unsubscribe – Not Just A Click On A Link!

So being a smart consumer, you opt to unsubscribe yourself via the provided link below the newsletter. Just one click, you’re done! Silly you, it’s not over yet. Come tomorrow you’ll find a couple more newsletters from Groupon Malaysia and you’ll start screaming ‘why’!

Here’s a hint, check on the ‘Unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of the newsletter and you’ll now see that the newsletter is for Klang Valley – Selangor. If you check the next newsletter, it’s probably the newsletter for Getaways and Shopping.

Now that’s why you’ve been getting so many emails from Groupon Malaysia. If you wish to totally unsubscribe to all newsletters from Groupon Malaysia. You’ve got to unsubscribe every category one by one.

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Subscribe One – Subscribe All

Basically, when you sign up yourself to receive newsletter for Klang Valley – KL for instance, Groupon Malaysia automatically subscribes you to the Getaways, Shopping and the next Klang Valley location.

Meaning, you would have to UNSUBSCRIBE at least four times to totally get rid of any future newsletter from Groupon Malaysia.

Although Groupon Malaysia offers option to unsubscribe and solutions to prevent spamming, my question to Groupon Malaysia is, why are we subscribed to other newsletters when we didn’t ask for it?


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