Oversized Burger at Zul’s Burger, Penang

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Serving you Penang’s biggest and heaviest RAMLY burger.

Having hungry pangs? Or you’re just feeling too hungry that you can eat a whole horse? Well, mind your words as you could be slapping yourself silly if you think you can take on Zul’s Pang-5 (Panglima) burger all on your own.

Picture of a man with 3 supersized burgers have been circulating around the social network recently. Although it look like some Mythbuster’s myth of some dodgy photo editing work using Photoshop to enlarge these burgers, but rest assure that this myth has been busted by yours truly!


I took on Zul’s enormous Pang-5 Burger in Penang!

I’ve seen some crazy stuff when it comes to food, the longest hotdogs, the tallest Roti Tissue, the largest ‘Yee Sang’ ever served and even a crazy dinner-plate sized Matterhorn burger at Damansara Kim. But I’ve never came across such monstrosity.

If you’re a RAMLY burger fan, you may wanna hunt for this. The next time you travel up to Penang, do make yourself available to try Zul’s Burger. Zul’s Burger is made famous of its Pang-5 (Panglima) Burger and Facebook Burger.




The Pang-5 Burger is an 11-inch monster layered with 4 RAMLY burger patties, 4 eggs and whole lots of veggies. According to the owner and creator, Abang Zul, the bun itself weighs about 1KG and when topped with all the ingredients, the burger weighs up to a whopping 4KG! Although I’m quite skeptical about the weight of the burger, but the enormity of the burger alone is good enough to give you the chill.

Pang-5 Burger is RM30! For 4-8 people.



Facebook Burger is another favourite at Zul’s Burger. It’s a RAMLY sized burger but comes with 3 burger patties wrapped with fried eggs. When everything is in, the Facebook Burger is a towering mayhem up to 6-inch high. Definitely not for the faint hearted.

Facebook Burger is RM10, pretty decent price for a triple patty RAMLY burger.



Zul’s Burger has a whole list of burgers and hotdogs on their menu. Surely I can’t be trying out all of them but I wish I could. Perhaps my next trip, when I have more time. Speaking of time, if you really decided visit Zul’s Burger, be prepared to wait. Yes, the ordering queue is long and Abang Zul’s ordering system is not exactly world class. It gets pretty messy at the counter when many customers will look like they are queuing up but they are actually looking over the small opening at the small shop lot to see how Abang Zul prepares the Pang-5 Burger.



My advice to the first timer is to check the queue if anyone hasn’t order. If they are all lining up to make an order, queue up. If you’re sure that they are just hanging around waiting for their burger, move to the front and get your orders in or else you’ll be waiting the whole night.



After putting in your order, they next thing to do is to wait. If you have a group of friends, perhaps you guys can chill around chit-chatting. If you’re just alone or with another friend only, this waiting game can get pretty annoying.

We waited almost 2 hours to get our Pang-5 Burger, and that too was a mistake by Abang Zul for skipping a few orders. Yes, that could lead to a commotion as many customers are waiting for as long too. We apologize to that person whom before us but we got our burger first. It’s not our fault; Abang Zul made a mistake and made our order first.



We’re stuffed and it was too late to finish the whole burger, so we decided to pack it home and yes, you can pack it back home as they do have ‘cake boxes’ for you to pack your burger home!



Did I enjoy the burger? Not really as we waited for way too long. They burger is pretty good but ask me if I will come again, I might not. Not until their production line gets an overhaul. But nevertheless, I still love creativity and effort to come out with the ultimate RAMLY burger.



If you wish to try out Zul’s Burger, by all means, go ahead. It’s quite an experience. You can find the location details right below. If you don’t know how to get there, don’t worry and let your Smartphone do its thing. The direction is quite accurate.

Remember, the key to enjoy Zul’s Burger is patience.


Kompleks Makanan MPPP Lebuh Nipah,
Relau, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Malaysia
Facebook Page:

Phone +6012451 8771 / +6012578 8771 sms/col
Email /

View Zul’s Burger Penang in a larger map


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oh gosh, the burger is really freaking huge!! would love to try it.. But I'll need to find enough ppl to try it with me.. haha..

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