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June 19, 2012 by Galvin Tan in Technology with 0 Comments

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Book of DO workshops have been cancelled. Thank you for all your support.

What is a Blog? New to blogging? Want to learn more about becoming a better blogger? Why not join the Book of DO workshops by Lenovo and discover your DO?

What’s The Book of DO Campaign?

Lenovo recently kicked off one of the largest coordinated marketing campaigns in Lenovo’s history – the exciting Book of DO campaign – in Malaysia, outlining a partnership with MPH book store and three young and talented Malaysians as ambassadors of the new IdeaPad U Series Ultrabooks.

The Book of DO campaign is reaching out to Malaysians through the lives of three young Malaysians who exemplify the “Arts of DO,” namely in writing, art and music. Representing “Storybook” is blogger Galvin Tan, who writes for Decoding Galvin, a popular tech and lifestyle blog. For “Sketchbook”, digital artist Yvonne Yong was selected for her beautiful and inspiring digital works of art. Last but not least, representing “Songbook” is popular DJ duo LFL, a dynamic duo that is quietly building a name for itself in the local DJ scene.


My Book of DO friends (Yvonne and LFL) and I will be conducting the Book of DO workshops at MPH One Utama over the weekend beginning from June 23 and we will be sharing our knowledge and experience on how to be a better blogger, digital artist and musician.

Representing the Art of Notebook, I will be there to share my experience and knowledge so that you too can be a successful storyteller and blogger. During my workshop, you will learn all about:

  • Setting up, writing and growing a blog
  • Integrating and utilizing social media to blogging
  • Blogging: Telling an interesting story

So head on over to MPH One Utama this weekend and show me some support. I would be deeply honoured how have you guys there.

Oh yeah, seats are limited so RSVP today and see ya there!

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