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Angry Malaysians Unleashed Creative Concept Logos for 55th Merdeka Celebration

July 28, 2012 by Galvin Tan in Events with 0 Comments


The 55th Merdeka Day logo has received a series of criticism from the public over the past week. Angry Malaysians cry foul over the hideous logo that looked more like a last minute attempt to meet deadlines rather than a logo that inspire the celebration of Merdeka Day.

The appalling logo design has also triggered many creations of concept logos designed by many creative and free-spirited Malaysians. Most of them are worthy of a replacement option for the official logo.  A Facebook page called ‘Kami Bantah Logo Kemerdekaan Malaysia Ke 55’ is demanding for the 55th Merdeka Day logo to be changed. On the page, many unhappy Malaysians expressed their discontent with the logo which was officially announced on, our Merdeka Celebration portal.

Another Facebook page, ‘KukuBesi Manipulasi’ is running an independent logo design contest in conjunction with the 55th Merdeka Day, encouraging anyone to submit their masterpiece on their wall. The page attracted many entries and it’s a joy to learn that we still have many creative talents in Malaysia. The closing date for the contest is on 30th July 2012.

Well of course, they are plenty of logos submitted. Some logos are just plain hilarious and some will make your jaw drop. Just how good are these concept logos? You be the judge of it.




For more concept logos, do visit:

Also do check out this YouTube video done by @tekong

*Note: All logos used on this post are for demonstration purposes only. All logos and images are the property of their respective owners.

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